PlayStation Scalper says that players without a ps5 are not “suffering”

It has been more than a year since PlayStation 5 was launched around the world, but the system is still quite difficult to find in MSRP. Resellers are still a large part of the problem, particularly groups such as Aftermarket Arbitrage. The group based in the United Kingdom has obtained a significant gain, at the expense of those who are willing to pay more. However, the owner Jack Bayliss does not seem to think that there is nothing wrong with buying large amounts of the console. In a new interview with news of BBCBayliss once again he defended him, saying that aftermarket arbitrage is not causing any real suffering.

“I would not classify not having a PS5 as a suffering. There are people who want to do more than their work from nine to five. They want a lateral hustle. If you see friction between supply and demand, you will see someone taking advantage of it, “Bayliss told BBC News.

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Bayliss is technically reasoned that no one is really suffering for not having a next-generation console; A PS5 is not a basic need, even if some players probably discuss that point. Unfortunately, the lack of product is clearly exacerbating the situation. Sony has had problems satisfying the demand of PS5 during the last 16 months, partly thanks to the global shortage of semiconductors. The system clearly sold well despite these problems, but it is difficult to say how many of those real consoles they ended up in the hands of resellers like Bayless and the group of it.

This is not the first time Bayliss defends the group’s actions. In an interview with Sky News in January, Bayliss said that aftermarket Arbitrage was creating “entrepreneurs”. Bayliss also affirmed that the members of the group were able to leave debts by changing the PS5 consoles. While the group’s actions have clearly benefited some, it has left many others frustrated. Hopefully, Sony can manufacture enough consoles to meet the demand, so these problems will be a thing of the past!

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