WWE 2K22 vs. WWE 2K20: Combat of generations in graphics comparison

When the wrestling game WWE 2K20 appeared in October 2019, it was no less than a catastrophe. The game was full of bugs and glitches that made some fights even unplayable. But not only of them were the players shocked, because incomprehensibly, the title looked even worse than the predecessor. For years, fans of the series have been annoying that the WWE 2K series is not developing graphically. Again and again you heard comments that shouted, the games have looked the same since WWE 13 and the generation change between PS3 / Xbox 360 and PS4 / Xbox One was barely recognizable. That’s something exaggerated, but that the series technical rather in front of him is not donating. For WWE 2K22, Publisher 2K and developers Visual Concepts promised a greatly revised graphic. In our test for WWE 2K22 (Buy Now 99.99 € / 53.99 €), the wrestling game could not completely convince. So the title continues to drag some contaminated sites with themselves and some of the game modes disappointed. Nevertheless, thanks to its revised gameplay, WWE 2K22 is a step in the right direction to bring the series back to the front man. In this video, however, we are only dedicated to the graphics.

We oppose the PS4 version of WWE 2K20 of the PS5 version of WWE 2K22 to see if this time really a generational change has taken place and the promises regarding the graphic were met. For this we show entrances of various well-known WWE superstars from both games as well as the optics in the ring and put some scenes in the games in which objects such as ladders or tables are used. Finally, in its predecessor, the object physics was also criticized.

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WWE 2K22 vs. WWE 2K20: Combat of generations in graphics comparison (2) [Source: 2K Games]

WWE 2K22 vs WWE 2K20 Graphics Comparison (Crazy Differences)

Is the graphic jump of your opinion big enough? Finally, one had a lot of time for the new part of the Wrestling series. And did you play WWE 2K22 even? Tell us in the commentary of your experiences with the game. Is the series of your opinion again on course or is a lot of work needed to convince you again?

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