The ultimate guide The high-end gifts for players

So, you are looking for something special to give to this player in your life, but you do not want to say anything. You mean a gift that really defines the gamerhood of your beloved, the budget is damned.

Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

We have some suggestions that will really skip the berries of any fruit cake given by the random neighbors. These are the ultimate gaming gifts.

SecretLab Gamechair Omega Overwatch Limited Edition – $ 530

Why would you submit someone to sit on a simple bag of beans while that, the ultimate game throne, exists? Take the incredible secretLab brand as we know it and combine it with Blizzard’s Overwatch series, and you have a seat that allows anyone to play his favorite preferred shooting game. It is easy to assemble and very comfortable in several positions. In addition, orange and black colors really stand out in a player’s room.

ARCADE1UP Home Arcade Games – $ 500 for Star Wars

You want all the thrills of an arcade game, but not the hard work of maintenance? Tastemakers LLC has exactly what you need with Arcade1up games. A child’s play to assemble, these replicas offer all the excitement of the real deal to a fraction of the price. The guerres The Stars Arcade1up presents the original Atari arcade trilogy, recreated with love with the orders and the visuals precise. And the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade1up is perfect for you and your friends to enjoy this season the holidays. These cabinets are also ideal for families.

Custom Controllers Chaos – $ 99 and more, depending on the features

Why settle for a routine play controller when Controller Chaos has covered you? Equipped with a number of custom models, including the popular favorites like guerres the stars and the image above _Toejam and Earl, these controllers are made the best materials and work as a champion. You can even conceive yours if the many models proposed do not do the trick.

Evil Controllers Custom Controllers – Prices vary, $ 180 for Fortnite (Photo)

Imagine that you want a more professional play controller with additional features for your favorite shooters. Look no further than Evil Controllers, a company specializing in the creation of peripherals based on the advanced performance. With the extra special buttons with the extra features and a number of custom templates available (such as Fortnite, on the photo), these controllers are manufactured with a quality to resell.

Sennheiser GSP 670 – $ 350 Wireless Game Headset – $ 350

If it is true that the GSP 670 is the most expensive game helmets on the market, Sennheiser has made sure that it was also a more reliable. Offering a superb surround sound for any gaming experience, the GSP 670 is known as the most comfortable market helmets, easy to adjust and manage. And with its wireless recharge, it will last about 10 hours without interruption, so you can enjoy these prolonged sessions.

Cabinet Quartskull Pac-Man Quarter Arcades – $ 175

These arcade units of the size of a numskull pint are high and work exactly like the real deal, up to thumbnail controls that work for all the players’ hand sizes. And while galaga and dig-dug resembles pleasure, pac-man is universally accepted, if only to achieve this high score status and try to return the small screen.

LVXLOL Capsules Collection – Prices vary by item

Last but not the least, at least in the eyes The enthusiasts of Streetwear of Creators, we will not fail to mention the recent collaboration between Louis Vuitton and League of Legends. Although the game is free, the clothes offered in the Capsule collection are all but cheap. A sleeveless high will make you run $ 1,440; The round shoulder bag will cost you $ 2600 large; And the short-sleeved black-sleeved black t-shirt with Qiyana in his special LV skin (available in the game) will run a meager $ 670. Lol, indeed.

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