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What is Wordle

There are times that, without having notions about videogames, someone can think of a brilliant idea with which to highlight in this technological world, but the possibilities increase exponentially when you have the possibility to take a master video game with which you can achieve success, as is the case of Wordle.

Wordle is the new fashionable online pastime, a game that consists of guessing five-letter words and has a crossword format. In it, you provide you with six attempts to hit one of them, in which there are no more tracks than to inform you what lyrics you have placed are inside it.

Every 24 hours is updated with a new word of the day you have to find out. The success of this entertainment has been disproportionate, so much that it has been acquired by the New York Times newspaper. It affirms that around 300,000 people enter Wordle to play daily.

Its mechanics is simple and probably this is due to much of its viralization, since it manages to be accessible to all. When an attempt is made, you have to write a valid word, and you will confirm which of the introduced letters are correct, which do not, and if you are in the place where you have it or not. When you finish your results will be seen, and you can try your luck again.

Wordle runs through a simple web that does not collect data or present advertising, and it is not even necessary to register. Nor is it necessary to download any app to play, which makes it easy for it to be a simple, safe game, and that you can play anywhere, from your mobile phone and PC to PS5, television, or any device with web browser.

It is a slow game, not to dispense hours, since it will only be able to guess a word per day. Enter the web, play, and when you have finished you no longer have more to do and you will have to wait until the next day. You can try to enter again from a device with a different IP, but the word daily is the same for everyone, which at the same time does this a pretty competitive pastime.

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And, when you finish playing Wordle, you are the possibility of copying the result and sharing it in any of your social networks such as Twitter or WhatsApp. This results in that, by having everyone the same word, it can come to compare who has guessed it before and can be competed among our friends and acquaintances.

Who created Wordle

Wordle was initially created by the Josh Wardle programmer, a Reddit engineer, in October 2021 to play with him Palak Shah’s companion. In fact, the name of this game is a combination of words from your current surname. After sharing it with the relatives of it and seeing the enormous success I had among them, they went through public in October 2021 on a very simple website. As of 2022, it began its viseralization and since then it has become a trend throughout the world.

Taking advantage of the viral that is being, Wordle is adapted to Spanish by the Daniel Rodríguez programmer. The advantage of this version is that it is played with Spanish words, which makes it infinitely easier to play for all those users who do not dominate the English dictionary.

Why Wordle Engage

Let’s review Wordle’s success:


Wordle is a simple game, of clear, quick standards of learning. No need to download any program or app to start playing.

Only a game a day

This creates a rather high level of interest because there is only one opportunity in the Wordle. If you make a mistake, you have to wait until the next day to get a new puzzle.

Everyone plays exactly the same riddle

It favors the creation of a community around the game. People have the possibility to share how it has gone.

It is very easy to share your results

The game is well developed for social networks. Once you have finished with or without success the puzzle of the day, you are invited to share your result by tuiting the image.

We are before the new favorite pastime of all those people looking for a simple and fun challenge and that it will only be “losing” a few minutes from your day. Once you try it, we assure you that you can not but enter it every day to guess the daily word that hides behind the five white squares.

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