Best Build Void 3.0 for Warlock – Destiny 2

Warlocks of the abyss were already strong in Destiny 2, but the update of Void 3.0 even more bowed the scales. Warlocks were even deeper into this dark light and came out of it more than ever before.

Become Empty, Warlock

Empty abilities

  • Nova Deformation: Steps between measurements to unsubstantate the laws of physics.
  • Healing Rift: Create a well well, which constantly heals those who are inside it.
  • Pocket singularity: Start the unstable ball of the abyss energy, which explodes when approaching the target, repulcing it from the explosion and making it unstable.
  • Empty wall pomegranate: Pomegranate, creating a horizontal wall from burning wear light.

Empty aspects

Child of the ancient gods: Use your spill to create an empty soul. When you apply the goal damage to weapons, your empty soul flies to her and depletes it, causing damage and relaxing it. When the goal is depleted, you get a grenade and melee energy (if you use a healing break) or health (if you use a reinforcing break). Victory over the goal that is depleted by your empty soul, gives the energy of the class ability.
Emptiness: Win the goal with the help of the abyss to activate the absorption. While Devour is active, seeking strikes restore health and extend Devour.

Fragments of emptiness

  • Echo Exile: The last blows of the ability of the void cause the goals to explode. (+10 to intelligence)
  • Echo Retribution: Final blows surrounded by fighters give super energy.
  • Echo leeches: Finishing strikes in the near battle are launching health regeneration with your nearest allies. (+10 to stability)
  • Echo of hunger: Raising the sphere of force gives devouring. (-10 recovery)

Weapons, Armor and Fashion

  • Carnishtein’s braces: Middle battle murders restore health for a short time.

The ONLY Void 3.0 Warlock Build You Will Need This Season - This Has It ALL | Destiny 2 Witch Queen
* Enigma: Boss Specification
* Fashion
* Suppression skill: Effects of the suppression that you create have an enlarged duration.
* Overwhelming Glef: Damage to fighters with your glef suppresses them, not allowing them to use abilities for a short time.
* Unstoppable Glef: Gleb, which you hold in your hands, shoot a powerful explosive, which stuns fighters without shields.

The strength of this Bild is reduced to its mobility and ability to stay alive in feverish situations. In addition to the suppression provided by Glef peppers, you get a lot of lives and theft of lives. The whole thing is to replay enemies and become an insurmountable force due to almost constant restoration of abilities.

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