[Video] Choi Soo-yeon Naver “Welcome to the employees first”

“I think the words I want to say, I think there are many things I want to hear. I want to use email first. “

On the 14th, Naver’s 23rd regular shareholder General Assembly, Choi Soo-yeon, who is appointed as a new shares, said he would send mail to the employees as the first walk after his inauguration. While enhancing communication management, it is a direction to give a business base for entering a global market at the same time.

On this day, Naver was newly appointed the most appointed at the regular shareholders’ meeting held in the Green Factory, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Choi said that after the general meeting of the shareholders, I met with reporters, “he was 4 months old,” he said, “he said,” he said,

The most representative of the end, communicated with the employees, and had had time to identify internal issues. He said, “We have established company strategy and business direction, and will have a place with this week’s employees,” he said, “he said,” he said. ” He sent a message to the employees, and the most representative of the first schedule as a representative.

When the new hired employee is the Chairman's son

In recent years, the state of shareholders, such as declining shareholder value, the Choi’s representative is “a lot,” and “already search, commerce, and corporate transactions (B2B) content. We emphasized that we will cooperate to enter the global market through synergies between businesses in the future. “

For the reorganization of the organizational reorganization and the new policy, Choi said, “I will announce this week ‘s.” In addition, “I am looking for Naver newly to lead to a great trust of shareholders for business and members of the company,” I am looking forward to a tremendous trust of shareholders and a lot of challenges. “For the leap, for example, I am looking at the task of recovering the corporate culture. “

“Even compared to overseas big-tech companies, Naver is a rare company that has most of the core businesses of Internet market such as search, and Pin Tech,” Naver not only in the global mind, “Naver not only in the starting point, I headed to it. “

He explained that he has confirmed this airflow, since he joined Naver two years ago, including high interest and evaluation of global industry and partner companies. “We will be a new business incubator that is constantly coming to a global brand that surpasses the Line, Webtoon, Jepheto,” he said, “We have been in the future,” We have established leadership with global senses and expertise, and continue technological innovation. “

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