Klarna: Payment service announces five changes to customers

The Swedish payment service provider Klarna announces several changes for customers.

Germany – for customers and customers of Klarna will change a lot in the future, because the company has announced five changes this week. Among other things, the payment is affected.

Klarna: Payment service announces 5 important changes for customers

The Swedish financial service provider Klarna has announced far-reaching changes for its customers and customers in Germany on Monday (March 7), which had already been introduced in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia last year.

There, the experiences made were so positive that the changes now come to Germany. Klarna wants to gradually introduce four of the five planned adjustments in the coming months. A change is now available (more Digital News at customers).

Changes to Klarna: Customers now receive up to six payment reminders

Three free payment reminders: From now on Klarna reminds six times by e-mail, via the Klarna app and by mail to the payment of an open invoice. The first three memories are free.

Like Klarna, the increased number of free payment memories should ensure that customers in the future “always pay on-time numbers” and “never to forget an invoice again”.

How to use Klarna-Tutorial for Klarna-Pay Later-Payment Plans

Purchase on account at Klarna: Customers are now 30 days to pay for 14 days

Extended payment period for “purchase on account”: So far, clarna purchases had to be paid on account within 14 days. But that’s history: the company extends the payment period for invoice purchases in the future to 30 days (“Pay Later 30”). Customers and customers should therefore get more “flexibility” when paying.

For a surcharge of up to 9.99 euros, Klarna has also been possible to extend the payment period to up to 60 days. Whether this function is also adapted in the course of the changes is still unclear.

Installment with Klarna: Internet purchases can be paid with three interest-free installments

Numbers in three interest-free rates: With the new function “Pay in 3”, buyers and buyers in the future have the opportunity to distribute the costs for their invoices to access to interest-free installments. The first rate is due when buying, the other two each after 30 days. There is no minimum amount for the use of installment payment.

Installation with Klarna: Untimporated loans are the past

Abolition of permanent loans: So far, you could pay all purchases with rates at Klarna, which were collected on a installment purchase account. Every month, the company then sent a so-called “monthly invoice” to its customers and customers due at the beginning of the month. However, a concrete end of the term of the loan did not exist – instead, the sum of installment was smaller monthly.

In order to provide customers a better transparency in the loans, Klarna will manage the permanent monthly purchases in the future. All permanent loans are replaced by solid rates with a clear end date, which should also provide lower interest rates.

Customers can no longer choose the month in which they want to pay their Klarna account

“Paying in the month x” is abolished: Selected online retailers have made their customers allowing their payments to move their payments for a small fee to another month. This service will no longer exist in the future.

Because Klarna believes that buyers with “Pay Later 30” and “Pay in 3” have already had great flexibility in paying. In addition, the new payment options are unlike “payment in month x pay”.

Klarna wants to make his business transparent to customers and customers more transparent

In addition to the five changes that directly affect Customers and Customers of Klarna, the Scandinavian company also wants to make its terms and conditions more transparent. For this purpose, the financial service provider, which has its headquarters in Swedish Stockholm, is now planning its own product statistics and internal key figures on its Wikipink page.

Information will give it via the following points:

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