LOL: The practical lesson of Faker with a play that shows us why we are bad players

The players of League of Legends make mistakes constantly. Regardless of the MMR in which we are normal that we fail Minions, we give a bad step in a fight or be hunted by the rivals. Most of the failures result in a punishment that makes them evident. However, there is one that is constantly committed in all the ranges of the game and that the majority of the community is not conscious: that of missed opportunities .

A Faker lesson that will make you improve instantly

In one of the latest live retransmissions carried out by Faker, the player gave a lesson about how important it is to take advantage of each of the opportunities offered by a game of League of Legends. He did it while he trained the middle kai’sa that he later would use in competitive. In the game in question, he used a hypello flash to end the rival Leblanc ** taking advantage of a space that would hardly last a few seconds and that avoided an infernal game.

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In addition to carrying out a perfect exchange during the first level of the departure, we see as Faker begins to win a pressure position moment before going up at level two. He right then he combines the launch of the W (vacuum seeker) with flash, the Q (Iceathia Rain) and the Render to empty the remaining half of the Leblanc’s life bar. The play is calculated to the millimeter and the rival falls with the last instance of garment damage.

Far from being a mechanical genius, the play is within reach of almost any League of Legends player who has enough experience and the greatest difference between what makes Faker and what a bad player would do is in the aspects of Dare and knowledge. League of Legends players dedicate very little time to calculate damage and therefore lose many of the key moments that are presented to us, being this one of the greatest differences between the geniuses of the game and those that we are trapped in gold.

Many times we think that everything is a matter of mechanics, but a part that we are bad players (always compared to the level of elite) is because we have not dedicated enough time to know how the game really works . You probably have never stopped adding the damage of all your skills at the first level, and that makes you lose opportunities like the fact that Faker does take advantage.

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