Lol: 144 new champions have been created by an AI and the result is disturbing

Renata Glasc Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
League of Legends currently has 154 champions, including Zeri and Renata Glasc that arrived at the Moba de Riot Games this year 2022. As if all these characters were not enough, a fond of the game shared in Reddit 144 new champions, which were Created with the help of an artificial intelligence of images.

_ “To simplify things, the computer takes a look at several images that you provide, and then try to create new / variations based on the same images. In this case, I gave you all the portraits of the current champions, as well as some old versions I could find (Riven, Fiddlesticks, Gallio, Warwick) and other relevant portraits such as Skaarl, Willump, Mega Gnar, Rhaast and Value “_, explained this user.

Some combinations can be easily recognized and, although some are really great, others can cause nightmares on a bad night. Take a look at the result and some outstanding aspects below:

In its Reddit publication, IREMGIOUS also made some comments. He affirmed that it is not always easy for generating human faces, especially when it also has monstrous champions like Vel’koz and Rek’sai on their image bank.

SelfGious realized some fun things: the versions that were good almost always rely on the faces of champions like Irelia and Riven. In addition, apparently the AI ​​also likes helmets, although this object does not have human characteristics, since several of these “new” champions carry one.

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