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Seydel’s model challenge too little

The SV Darmstadt 98 has taken on Friday night \ – at least for 24 hours – the second division spreadsheet. The lilies, however, did not come beyond a 1: 1 against the relegation threatened SV Sandhausen at home. Seydel launched the ascension aspirants after an exemplary counterattack (17th). Darmstadt could have increased, actually, but in the conclusion, the necessary quixtche was lucky. So it happened that the premier gate of the ex-Schalker Kutucu caused the final score (84.). Also because Honsak in return missed the direct answer (85.). Only due to the better goal difference is Darmstadt before Werder Bremen.

Five-goal-festival in Rostock

Queen of the Models Finale show 2021

In the second friday game, promoter Hansa Rostock made the 4: 3 spectacle on Schalke six days ago a no less exciting 3: 2 against Holstein Kiel follow. However, the cog needed three guides to get the eighth season win. Breier (4th), Verhoek (68.) – both also met with S04 and Behrens (81.) Worried the gates for the hosts, for Kiel countered Mühling (50th) and Rizzuto (72., Owo). With now also 31 points, Rostock overtakes the storks in the table due to the better goal ratio.

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