SKT, Iprand Metabus Culture Project Launched

[Data provided: Iprand]

\ – The contents of the new genre of the new genre from this month, such as musical, dancing, hip-hop in Iprand

\ – ‘Metabus Culture Project’ 1… Musical From 16:00 to 16:00

** \ – Museums, space, costume, motion, etc., etc.

Arc Project New Music Festival - Composers & Technology Panel
\ – “We will cooperate with small and medium soup, and evolve the metaverse ecosystem into a more enjoyable space”

SK Telecom launched a special theme of a special theme such as musical, dance, band performance, hip-hop, such as musical, dance, band performance, hip-hop, and today (10 days) today (10 days).

This is the first result of the SKT ‘METABUS Culture Project’, which SKT has concluded ‘real-world agreement with the reality of the’ real company in the field of reality, which has signed up with Korea Content Promotion Agency last May.

SKT is working with SMEs through the Aprand ‘Meta Bus Culture Project’ and has been working to enlarge a variety of attractive IPs in various fields, and from this month to June to June, Hip-hop, such as a new theme, a new theme, a “meta bus culture project” and will provide a new meta bus experience.

‘Metabus Culture Project’ 1 is a musical… Primary Land, Costume, Avatar Motion, etc.

SKT is the first contents of the Iprand ‘Meta Bus Culture Project’, cooperated with Seoul Arts and Gears, and the creative musical IP is used to use IP. It will be released at 16:00 on the 10th.

SKT offers the opportunity to experience the real actual activity through their avatars that actually wear Costume and various motions wearing the work in the Aprand,.

SKT operates photo gondes that visitors can shoot memorial photographs with the actual actor Chae Yeon, with the main actor of the work in the Land, the Lost Face 1895>.

In addition, SKT is an Event that utilizes the Land, Costume and Avatar motion of the theme, with the “Lost Face 1895” theme, This will proceed with 21 days this month.

Lee Yuri Seoul Arts Chairman said, “The performance hall is no longer the only platform of the performance,” This project is a new chapter of “This business pioneered a new chapter on performance expressions and distribution, I will build a model. “

Meanwhile, SKT will cooperate with Seoul Arts and the “K-Musical World”, which is possible in the Aprandspace, is expected to be in April of April.

The Men’s SKT Metabus CO chapter will be able to enjoy a variety of musicals, hip-hop, dancing, such as musical, hip-hop, dancing, “through the” Iprand “Metabus Culture Project.” The ecosystem will evolve into a more enjoyable space. “

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