Capcom + Dinosaur + Exo Suit – Anthrops

Capcom and Dinosaur. Then, of course, I will remember Dino Cisis, but now it’s not. Capcom released a dinosaur, an action, an exoprimal.

Capcom introduced an exorcup exo suits 10 days exo suits and dinosaur. This video was first released through Sony Online Showcase State of Play.

Exo frimal deals with the story of future mankind to cope with dinosaur disasters that suddenly emerge in the background of 2043. The next-generation AI Riviere, which appears in the game, provides a dinosaur forecast in advance to the place where dinosaur disengages occur, and the player is defeated, and the dinosaurs are defeated.

The main stations in the game are facing dinosaurs, wearing exosets that enhance their physical ability, and through various functions. In the game, this is a position to named as a position, and a different role in accordance with chit performance. Lifeline weapons, and the position dead child that attacks the enemy at a remote, as well as a proximal attack, a proximal attack, a position doctor with auxiliary technology such as a projected position of a protective position, exist.

These suites can be changed during combat, and it is possible to use strategic suits according to the situation.

On this day, Capcom was released with a game announcement with the production of producers Kiyoka and Ichiro, Director Hiraoka Takuro. The Hiraoka Director was a brutal dinosaur, and AI Libair, with an exosuit that has explained the characteristics of the game.

Exoprimal – Reveal Trailer

The main mode of the game, the dino survival is a 5VS5 team-based PVV, focusing on clearing multiple missions according to dinosaur disasters than the relative team. It is a key element of victory to quickly identify this mission and identify the battlefield.

The game will be released in 2023 and will be released as steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.

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