Elden Ring can be paused without a mod

Anillo de Elden Players who wish to be able to pause the game have had to resort to mods to do it from the launch of the game, a tactic that is limited only to the PC platform and also runs the risk of being forbidden if people choose to go that way. However, it seems that there is actually an incorporated “function” that allows people to pause the game. It involves addressing the start menu and selecting the option «Explanation of the menu», although it is not exactly a convenient solution and, honestly, you probably will not stay forever.

YouTuber Iron Pineapple deserves all the credit for this discovery that can be seen in action in the following video. While you can not open the map when you are in combat, you can open the main start menu where you access the computer and other options. Simply enter the “Equipment” menu; Probably also run on other menus, but that is the fastest of accessing: Press the entry that opens the “Help” option on any platform in which you are playing, and select «Explanation Menu»


In doing so, it will notice a lack of movement in the background where I would normally see the development of the game while it was in the “pause” menu. That is because the game stopped real and truly at that point with enemies unable to attack the player and the player unable to move.

It is definitely a pause option, although indirect, but again, it is not the most convenient method, even if it is the only one available at this time out of a mod. Two button pulsations, a displacement and another pulsation are needed to reach what may not seem much work, but that is a long time to be killed by all kinds of things in anillo de Elden.

Comicbook.com tried it and can confirm that, in fact, it works. I also tried it in the multiplayer environment to see if it prevented playing online or if it had some kind of strange interaction. After placing my invocation signal in an active multiplayer area and “pause” the game, the message that I was calling me as a cooperator was still appearing, so it was behind the menus that had opened but still superimposed on the game.. My character could move again as if he had only been pressured “start” and no other option, so it seems that any interaction with the functions of several players takes it out of the state “in pause”. It was not tested with invasions, but we imagine that it would work in the same way.

However, it is probably better not to get used to this hidden function. Since it only works with that menu and not with the other two options, it is likely to be neglected and deleted in a future update.

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