Cyberpunk RPG “Anno: Mutationem” speaks in Japanese. Japanese version dubbing voice is released and released

Developer’s Thinking STARS posted a dubbed voice video of each language version of “Anno: mutationem ano: mutation” (hereinafter, Anno: mutationem) on March 9. This work is considered to contain dubbed speech than before, and this time it was actually introduced by the voice.

“Anno: Mutationem” is a cyberpunk action RPG. The stage of this work is the near future big city where large companies are focused and dangerous organizations. The player is an excellent protagonist Ann, and he is searching his younger brother who has been disappeared with his friend’s hacker. Various discoveries and threats are waiting for the road to the road, such as a wealth of locations and strange organisms that are difficult to explain.

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In this work, the “2D + 3D” is the concept, and the character is basically a dot picture, and a map, background, etc. is drawn in 3D. In neon-sparkling and interrupted and inorganic centers, in addition to searching for clues, you can enjoy interactions and side stories with people. Battle has an action while actioning, and it is possible to purchase and create as well as item collection. There is also an annal status and skill enhancement factor, and it will break up a large group of enemies and a powerful boss that can be pushed using all weapons and technologies.

“Anno: Mutationem” is a developer based in China. This work is the main language of English, Japanese and Chinese, and also corresponds to other language displays. Also, in the main language, it has been revealed in advance that character voices from each language are. In the videos released this time, you can hear the utterances in English, Japanese and Chinese by Ann and Ayane. In any language, cool Ann is a modest and calm impression acting, while Ayan is doing well, and the performance of the situation is doing. Any language is also felt that a voice-like vocal performance is cast for each character.
[UPDATE 2022/03/09 14:02 JST] corrected character name

In addition, the names of the performers are also released, and Mr. Suzie Yeung, who played the English version of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and the English version “Yorami God” Elyua for the voice of the English version. About Ayane, Lizzie Freeman, who played Trish Una, who played Trish Una in the English version of the English version “Koji” and the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, is in charge. “Anno: Mutationem” shows that the character voice is also quite powerful. In the indie game, it can be said that it is rare to be a little unusual to voice to the character, and will be prepared to Japanese speech.

Background of these policies may also have a point in which Japanese developers are involved in this work. Although this work is developing by a China developer, it is a director of Kohei, a Japanese developer. He was involved in the development of a game company game re-public that was formerly present in Japan after spending childhood born under the Japanese parents in the United States. He involved in “Blabry Default” in Silicon Studio, passed through twists and turns, and joins Thinking Stars. He is working with this work (4Gamer). In addition, the “Anno: Mutationem” official Twitter account is also active in information dissemination in Japanese. Japan’s fans also have a good support posture, such as responding in Japanese. In any case, the same work is an enthusiasm approach to the Japanese player in a field of view.

“Anno: Mutationem” is scheduled to be released on March 17 for PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5.

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