DMM Games “Flower Knight Girl” March 7 update! New event “Snow Battle of Snow” Held!

Joint company EXNOA (Head office: Minato-ku, CEO: Mura Seke, URL: https: // DMM Games is a fantasy RPG “Flower Knight” in service on March 7 “Girl” informed that the update is performed.

Joint company EXNOA (Head office: Minato-ku, CEO: Yusuke Mura, URL: https: // In DMM Games, Fantasy RPG “Flower Knight” in service on March 7 GIRL will announce that the update will be implemented. Please see the official site for details.

# New event “Snow Bear of Snow” held!

A flower knight that boasts the strength of flying in Japan to the Snowball Battle Tournament held at Winter Rose….

Excellent and pride flower Knight Yukisasa hears the rumor and entres the tournament to show her strength.

This tournament, which is also referred to as a martialial event in the snow…! ?

# # Event holding period

March 7, 2022, after maintenance from March 22, 2022

# Let’s run around the new event stage with a flower knight!

# A new character is added to the premium gacha and rainbow-colored medal exchange!

“Selasteium” “Hakaraame” appearing in the event appears in the premium gacha, and “Togalash” will appear in a limited gacha!

※ “Tougalash” is implemented a later day.

# Character Quest Add!

“Sezatheter”, “Hakara Me” and “Tougalash” added with voice!

Let’s challenge the character immediately by the leader who welcomes you!

# Flower character is also implemented!

Flowering of “Mizuhinagei” “Karanco” “wheat” “Thionodoxa” is also implemented!

Let’s take out the new characters!

# Other update contents!

Add special missions and rhinop updates of exchange offices!

Make a new flower knight friend and go to defeat pests!

※ Images are under development.
※ The contents of the campaign or period may change without notice.

# “Flower Knight Girl” Official Site

# “Flower Knight Girl” Official Twitter Account

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