Knauf: “We did not let ourselves be kept”

With 180 centimeters body size Ansgar Knauf is not a giant. That’s why this anecdote is not surprised by Eintracht Frankfurt’s coach Oliver Glasner: “We made a headball match on Friday and Ansgar did not hit a single one, but that was not important.”

Because at the 4: 1 away win against Hertha BSC on Saturday afternoon, Knauf delivered the can opener for the clear victory with its leadership. “I’ve never seen such a header from him,” Glashner said alike surprised as satisfied. It was the first mandatory game hit for the 20-year-old loan of Borussia Dortmund – and an important one.

Kostics 50. SGE template was no coincidence

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“The flank of Filip Kostic was great. I’m just jumped up and the header is well suited to me,” the scorer described his handsome action at “Sky”. In the high bow, the ball sailed from the long post into the gable, Knauf sat well against the equally large Berlin Maximilian Central Cities. The wide range – Kostics 50. Template for the SGE – was no coincidence. “We have already analyzed that something is possible on the second post,” Glasner betrayed after the game. A plan that started.

You have shown that you are ready for this great phase.

Oliver glassner

After three games previously without their own hits, Knauf’s storm colleagues shot some frustration from the soul: four goals in a game after such a thirsty track there was not in the Bundesliga history of the Hesse so far. Now Jesper Lindström (for the first time since mid-December) and Rafael Borré (for the first time since 2: 3 at the beginning of Dortmund). “We are pleased that we have rewarded ourselves for the hard work and have brought our good chances to conclude”, smashed Knauf satisfied. The professionals have already noticed the whole training week about that they can not be done by the three defeats against Munich, Cologne and Wolfsburg.

Glasner: “could have done even more goals”

Even Glasner saw a “deserved victory” and was “happy about how we have occurred”. After the opportunity poverty of the past weeks, the Eaglegärder finally showed its existing offensive potential. Glasner’s announcement at the stand of 1: 0 during the break, to play on the second and third gate, paid out. “We have been very controlled and could have done even more goals. Then we unnecessarily exciting it and invited it to the opponent,” the Austrians ruled. But his team responded only two minutes after the Berlin connection hit with the decisive 4: 1.

An idea of ​​which the Frankfurt is self-confidence. “We take the momentum with the coming weeks,” hopes Knauf. On Wednesday evening (18.45, live! At Oliver Glasner) it goes to the eighth-final away game to Real Betis, on Sunday (5.30 pm) the VfL Bochum comes to the Main. This is followed by the Seville second leg, then the encounter with RB Leipzig. Glasner sees his team prepared for this: “They have shown that they are ready for this great phase.”

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