[Indians] 20 years ago, I am in Seoul, Korea, KIN: D Varabin Exploration

Cooperation with colleagues, overcoming crisis, and the contents are popular in many genres as well as games. Instead, it is tailored to it, and most of the story will proceed in a category that does not deviate greatly and greatly. So, creators focus on the background, world view, character sex, rather than pursuing the story of the story.

This is also the idea of ​​”KIN: D Varabin exploration (hereinafter referred to as Barrabin exploration). I added a unique setting to give the difference in experience in familiar development. This game contained a 10-year-old boy and the adventure of the 10-year-old boy and the Lee Jong Nationalo (KIND) in the background of the 90-100s. These background settings are a device that represents the past memories, while it is an exciting that is a sympathy with a cute tribe living with humans.

‘Anti-aliasing’ which is developing this game was the third anniversary of which I started the project since January 2019. We have been steadily grown through the business and business of the Smile Gate Membership and Chang, and now, the Pangyo Global Global Game Hub Center is sold to the development of the Hub Center.

The Varabin explorer, which started in the brainstorm of animation majors, has been renovated with animations, cartoons, and games, which has changed, and gradually began to be embodied, and many them are reborn as a lot of things that many are expected through Tumbling Funding and Demo disclosure. The Games Mecca talked about Kim Minho Anti-Aliasing representatives and listened to developing development.

Exploring game with a 10-year-old boy and Lee Jong-hyeong’s friendship of Barabin

The background of the Varabin explorer is the area of ​​Hanmong-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi-do. At that time, when urbanization was actively conducted, some of the development is less development, which is similar to the rural area, and somewhere has developed in a modern building. The hero came down to see her grandmother who lives in the Kidma Village in the midst of her brochure anniversary, and I am in the event of her seedlings, and in the event of her seedlings, I will meet the adventurer Kind ‘Barring’ in this world.

The game emphasizes the main character and the Barrage’s bond, which is a cooperative cooperative representative of the “group” function. You should continue to use a role that only the roles that each can only be done, not just as up. They are combined with the power to solve the power alone, or they are performing separately, and play a special role. Kind is sometimes loaded, and it becomes a state to slow down the tempo of the game, but Kim said, “I am friendship to push and pull each other.

In addition, in addition to the game, it is facing a variety of puzzles, and to find a particular person, learn and find out, find and study artifacts, such as finding and studying. This part of the game is known to be a lot of things, and it is said that it has made a lot of effort to feel like one without interfering with the game. I can say that I can add tension to my relaxing exploration.

Place with memories of anti-aliasing, Handong

I told you that you can recall the past memories before, because it expressed its time in the Varabin exploration. Grandmother who holds a small hole store, and now, now it is imperative why it is why the yellow-colored floor, the matter of the remaining yellow-colored floor, the matter of the red pepper. This is the childhood experience of anti-aliasing, and the wind to leave the peaceful appearance of the world.

The adventure, which is the background of the 90 to 00s, which is in advance in the middle of the city, is like war, fantasy, and SF, is like a genre that domestic games are mainly selected, but it is very good. The 10-year-old boy and Barbin’s story that came to the home communication statement and the story of the Barrabin, who has been found in the village, and the Varabin exploration of the Varabin’s story is to live with the means of making memories, and a space that can rest and relax in the same time, and the gamers Heal your mind.

The Han Dong area, which looks like this, was the first time Anti-Aliasing began to form the first team and starts to be embodied with the office in Guri City. Kim said, ‘I saw a picture with my colleagues, and I took a picture, and I was taking pictures, and I have been borrowed in the game, and I have a long way to get a lot of places, and sometimes I found a restaurant. I felt the fun of my discharged and discoveries. ‘ Guri City Adventure with his colleagues is to have the end of the empty expedition.

For reference, ‘KIN: D’ attached to the title is said to have a variety of meanings, including the (kind, type, etc.) that the English word is implanted. In the early 00s, the “Enjoy” and the smile of English speaking: D are combined, and I tried to implieve the pleasant atmosphere of the game and the era of the game. I have fun after the formal release.

Anti-aliasing before taking off

Anti-aliasing forms the Varabin explorer in August this year. Currently, it is in mind that the PC platform is in mind, but there is a plan to release a foreign language translation and console version. In addition, if you get as much interest as a target aimed at the current goal, DLC, which has been contents after the main piece, will also be produced. The theme will be ‘summer vacation’.

A love story of a Indian man and a Korean woman who married internationally across borders.

Finally, Kim said to users who play Varabin explorer “Woo-ho,” I want you to have fun. All our efforts have existed for it. ” It is short, but it stands out for pride and finality for the game.

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