The developer of “Serious Scramblers explains how it went from Nintendo fan to developer

I’m sure we can all tell stories of children who have grown up playing video games and who have been plunged into fantastic worlds created by companies like Nintendo. But few people grow up to become a developer for a big play company like Nintendo. In this interview, Chin Yong Kian, founder of Chinykian Games, shares his fan course with developer. On July 27, 2020, he will launch his new game _Grouilleurs Serious on Switch.

Chin Yong Kian, or better known as Chiny, fell in love with video games at the beginning of her life. “Experience the Game Boy and Genesis has aroused my interest in the game and has probably thrown the basics of my pursuit of an education in the development of games,” he explains. In particular, Metroid Fusion on Game Boy Advance made a lasting impression: “I love all the details of the game – the prefiguration of boss meetings, the feeling of emergency induced by the story, the atmosphere and the white moments where You have to flee the Sosie, Saxo. After playing this game, I was sure to want to pursue a career in the games. “

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To continue this dream, Chiny enrolled in a game development program at DigiNen in Singapore. Thanks to this experience, he met with people sharing the same ideas and then founded the Rotten Game Society. Their flagship title was spacejacked, which was not a success. At the time, the developers were still naive and inexperienced and Chiny says that the game “bomb so financially that it’s almost hilarious.” Chiny took this lesson in the stride and did not abandon his dreams.

His next incursion into the development of games created serious. The game is inspired by the mobile game _Rouleau fast. Then initially, the serious person was created for the mobile market. He came out on iOS and recorded more than a quarter of a million downloads. Despite this success, Chiny was not quite satisfied with the match. He explains, “less than 1% of people who played at the game have already defeated the final boss. It led me to ask me if the game agreed at the average mobile audience. Therefore, I started reworking and improving some aspects of the game in order to bring it to other platforms, Switch being one of them “.

The output of a game on switch is not an easy task. Developers must present their game idea to Nintendo and the approval process is long. The development environment also requires investing in the purchase of the development kit and equipment to perform development tests. In addition, although many Game FDIs (development tools) are free for individuals, they have significant fees when used to create commercial games. An important resource for Chiny in this process was Chris Wade, who developed the Game _Club of sausage sports. To help developers, Chris Wade released his pitch as an example of what a successful pitch looks like, which has played a determining role in Chiny’s success.

Now, with the great happiness of Chiny, _Servilleurs will be available on the SWITCH market. The game is an action arcade platform game with a deliciously classic soundtrack. Chiny worked with composer Dmitry Zhbanov, known as Disyman, to create “optimistic and tone-tone” music. Below you can see a trailer of the game, which presents the music:

It took a year and a half to develop the game, and longer to adapt it to the switching console. As a single developer, who had a part-time job, Chiny did not have a lot of time to tackle the problems that occurred during the development process. “A large part of the design challenge I faced was the random generation of platforms and obstacles. Naturally, the appearance of obstacles should never be really random, and much effort has been invested in drafting rules to make level generation as just as possible. Said Chiny.

To balance the difficulties of the game, Chiny relied on friends ready to play to test the levels. He says that “(l) e younger among the testers were 13 years old (I think) at the time and was the first to beat the match. A large part of the final level of the game has been refined according to its comments. His interest in my game and his desire to give feedback are something for which I am very grateful “.

Game testers have been essential to the success of this game. When asked if he wanted to welcome someone’s special contribution, Chiny said, “I would like to especially thank all the testers who have Given valuable comments (thanks to Ottotinne) who helped shape the game! ” You can find his game on Switch here. The game costs $ 1.99, but will be on sale at a price of 1.79 USD until 31 Achatt. If you do not have a switch, you can also find it on Steam here. Please tell us what you thought of the game in the comments below. I’m sure Chiny is looking forward to hearing your comments! Do you hope to develop a game on Switch? We would like to hear about it in the comments below.

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