Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 will have new generation patch at the end of this year

Capcom has announced that both the remakes Resident Evil 2 and 3 as Resident Evil 7 will receive a patch for new generation consoles. It will be available at the end of this 2022, and will come in the same way a xbox series x and s and a playstation 5 .

The statement comes from the Tweet that heads the news, where they have shown an image of each game, probably from the current version of each title (although with Twitter’s compression it would be difficult to distinguish them). In the message they have confirmed that those who have the games in their versions of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be able to update to the next (current) gen version without any additional cost. In addition, this patch will not be left behind for PC users, who will also be able to access it for free if they have any of the three deliveries in the library, with the corresponding visual improvements.

The three deliveries, especially the remakes and with special emphasis on Resident Evil 2 as the first shock of the rockets, are already especially well in their original versions, although the truth is that beyond the performance there are many differences when playing them in consoles of new generation.

They are also treated, in addition, of three of the most successful titles of the franchise. At the beginning of last month we knew that Resident Evil 3 Remake had already placed more than five million copies, and on the list of best-selling Capcom games we can confirm that Resident Evil 2 already reaches 9.3 million units sold to Date of December 31, 2021, with 10.6 million in the case of Resident Evil 7. These figures, of course, will be driven by their respective releases at Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

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The patches for new generation of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 will arrive at some point in late 2022.

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