Logic Lick Pinball, Zombie Rollers: Pinball Heroes, Released this day

Delivery Giving Gaming Games launched the ‘Zombie Rollers: Pinball Heroes’ today for PC and Nintendo Switches today. You must be defined and saved by the four worlds in the game that are being attacked from zombies. Zombie Rollers is a game that always ensures fresh gameplay.

PURE-FUN ARCADEY PINBALL ROGUELIKE! | Let's Try Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes
In the ‘Zombie Rollers: Pinball Heroes’ combined with pinball and point defense, the player shoots, hitting, hitting, and crushing, hitting, hitting cute and wrong zombies. You can use one of ten heroes to use a specialized ability by heroes and fostering. In a boss, even more attentive pinoling is required.

Hundreds of power and items can be obtained, and items are across four maps. Random generation ensures different gameplay every time and should adapt to every play to eradicate zombie epidemics in all worlds.

■ Game Features

\ – Let’s drive 50 kinds of wacky zombies in the Catoon world.
\ – Classic Pinball and Zombie Defense Mashup is addictive.
\ – Let’s show off the skills accumulated in a bossless boss.
\ – The stages generated in the four worlds are always freshness.
\ – Including legal, more than 300 ornaments or skills can be obtained.

Game-related details are available in steam or Nintendo E Shop.

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