Because of Russias attack: Gisdol kicks back as a coach at Lok Moscow

The Russian first division locomotive Moscow and coach Markus Gisdol have separated. While the club spoke in an official message from a dismissal, the German coach assisted to be resigned.

“Football coach is the most beautiful job in the world for me. But I can not pursue my appeal in a country, whose state leader is responsible for the middle of Europe in the middle of Europe. This does not matter to my values, so I’m with immediate effect from my office as a coach resigned by locomotive Moscow, “Gisdol said the bild.

The 52-year-old can be “not in Moscow on the training place, the players exercise, demand professionalism and a few kilometers further commands are given to bring great suffering over an entire people. This is my personal decision and I am absolutely convinced. “

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Gisdol had started the coach item only in October. He lost half of twelve competitions. In the table, locomotive is currently in place seven. The successor appointed locomotive Gisdol’s former co-trainer Marvin COMPPER.

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