LOL: Atheris ESPORTS He made his week 2 of phase 2 of the Telcel Division of Honor

The second phase of the Honor Division Telcel started with the fight at the top of the Table to Red Vivo, in this second round in which the 6 best teams of the first stage advanced, each team seems to have restarted Your chip and go all over the top of the table.


The outstanding team of the week, it was definitely atheris , which confirms the great season and the great moment that they live collectively and individually because the two victories were drafted in a spectacular way, demonstrating a wonderful offensive deployment, taking 2-1 before arctic and 2-0 before zylant .

In this phase, there are teams living two different realities, on the one hand, Arctic comes in chopped and accumulated two defeats, the pack must correct the course if you aspire to fight for the title.

The guys second stage.

The outstanding players of the week

  • Franco Daniel Funes “Nipphu” . Once again, the experienced Argentine took out the caste and led Six Karma to the victory, with 16 Kills and 17 assists, was the artichness to the offensive.
  • Gilberto Verdugo “Zerkxz” . The time of atheris at the top during the first phase, as well as in this startup of the second, it would not be possible without “Zerkxz” who, with his experience, added to his great collective game, made the team shine with a total of 34 Assistance, 25 against Arctic and 9 against Zylant, accumulated 82.5% and 46.2% respectively, wonderful.
  • Ivan Maldonado “demy” . La Dupla that made up this week with “Zerkxz” is to fear, because with its 12 “kills” and 82.5% KP against Arctic, added to the 13 “Kills” and 64.1% against Zylant, make it, at that rate, no one wants to face that duo, no doubt to continue in that rhythm, they will hardly drop them off the top
  • MVP of the week: Leonardo Rojas “Lio” . With aroma to coffee, this is how the jungle of Tomorrow ESports was this week, because the Colombian was dispatched with two brilliant performances that resulted in an honorable defeat against Six Karma and a great victory against Arctic Gaming, placing them in third momentarily.

The duels of the next week

  • Six Karma vs. Ahteris . In a battle that will start frost, because it will be played at the top of the table, they face Six Karma and Atheris, in a duel that will end with the crack of the burning invoker, a lot of talent and a lot of strategy to see!
  • Atheris vs. The Kings . While atheris looks imposing, the “royalty” guys are in need of adding victories and what a better opportunity to do so before the first place, both need the triumph one to continue in supremacy and another to raise positions, who will achieve their mission ?
  • Zylant vs. Tomorrow ESports . The two teams are not only in the middle table, but also have the capacity to fight for a place in playoffs and a little more, a key duel for that, surely they will fight throughout the second phase.

We have no doubt that the second week of the second phase will continue to give us emotions of high caliber and the competition will continue to be tightening more and more for advancing the desired playoffs

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