PlayStation Now presents new games for March 2022

Sony today announced the new games that will arrive at your PlayStation Now Subscription Service for the month of March 2022. Last week, PlayStation has already revealed that March alignment would be a bit more special than normal as Return Digital. Guerrero of shadows 3 I would be arriving at the service on the same day of its launch. And while this announcement was a big problem in itself, PlayStation has now presented the titles that will join guerrero of the shadows 3 in PS Now starting tomorrow.

In total, four new games will arrive at PlayStation Now during the month of March. These titles in question include guerrero of shadows 3, Crysis Remastered, relicta and police of chickens: Printing red! _ Each game will be available for download and play for PS Now subscribers from tomorrow, March 1. In addition, all these games in question outside the shadow of shadows 3 are said to remain in service to perpetuity in the future. Guerrero of shadows 3 Instead, split from ps now by the end of this summer, on July 4.

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In general, this month’s list for PlayStation Now does not bring a lot of surprises, but the addition of the first day of the shadow of shadows 3_ could indicate that the service could change soon to look more like Xbox Game Pass. During the past year, Game Pass added a series of third-party titles to its subscription platform on the first day of the launch, which meant a great boost for the service. In the eyes of many fans, this has considerably separated Xbox Game Pass from PlayStation Now. However, so that PlayStation is now adding guerrero from the 3 shadows to PS Now on its first launch day it could indicate that this could become a greater trend in the future. Only time will tell if things really develop in this way, but it is good to see it anyway.

What do you think about this new line of PlayStation NOW games for March 2022? And what do you think is the most outstanding game of the group here? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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