Habe Newell wants to bring the Xbox Game Pass to Steam

Xbox Game Pass Could Soon Come to Steam Deck & Steam on PC
At Launch of the Steam Deck , Habe Newell has evicted a possible game subscription on the Valve platform in an interview. According to his statement, it will not give its own service for users for the time being. However, the Valve boss surprised with another plan. He would like to work with Microsoft to offer Xbox Game Pass on Steam .

Xbox Game Pass on Steam could attract more customers

Currently, Microsoft offers its Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The variant for the PC recently received a new name and is now available as PC Game Pass via the Xbox app on Windows. A integration with Steam is probably also other customers bring into the subscription. And it would not be the first service offered on the Valve platform.

EA PLAY already at Steam

Only in 2020 Electronic Arts and Valve started their partnership through which EA Play is available at Steam. And since 2021, the service of EA is also available for all customers of the PC Game Pass as well as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Only last week the was announced for the Bethesda-Launcher . All purchases and almost all scores could then be transferred directly to Steam – and since Bethesda belongs to Microsoft, there is already a connection here.

Xbox Game Pass over detours on the steam deck

In the coming days, the first pre-order will also receive your copy of the Steam Deck – if Habe Newell has not already delivered personally. Still, Valve and AMD work on the compatibility of Windows on the Steam Deck, but the owners can install the operating system on the handheld. Thus, games from the PC Game Pass can also be brought to the steam deck.

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