“Assassins Creed Valhala” and “Gender of Noun” disappeared! Viking aggression that caused a large incident of English history [English pickled in the game # 92]

When learning a second foreign language at university, the factor that will be the best in European words such as German or French is “gender” and “first name change”. This changes in the form of verbs and adjective, and there is no way to remember one by one and there is no way to remember one by 1. There are many people who think that there is such a thing, but it is actually the opposite. “Even though it is in other languages, what isn’t that English is not” will be important to know this.

# Practice question answer

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# English history that has changed by the inflow of cross-culture

It is very part of the language of the European countries, and in some cases, male nouns, feminine nouns, neutral nouns, implicit nouns, and combinations are different in combination of nouns. It is necessary to change how to use the article and adjectives one by one, and it is quite difficult to get used to it. German has men, women, neutral, and the article that hits English ‘THE’ is used to use “DER” “DIE” and “DAS”.

The same “iCH change” is similar, “Ichi change”, “Ich”, “Ich (Ichi,” “DU (You)” “ER (His) / SIE (She) / es (It) “WIR” “IHR (you)” “SIE (they (they (them) / her) / SIE (you),” KOMME “for” KOMME “for” KOMMEN ” Change “kommt”, “kommen”, “kommt” and “kommen”.

The basis of English was used by the Germanian Anglo Saxon (sometimen to be divided as Anglo · Saxon · jute), which was invaded by the so-called “ethnic Migration” after the Roman Empire collapse, the same German system It is relatives with German and Dutch languages. Therefore, there were these factors in the same way as “Old English” before viking intrusion.

However, as you know, in the current English, there is almost no gender of nouns, and the “-s” of the “three-person singular” is only remaining. Most of these changes will be simplified after viking intrusion. There is no doubt that North-people aggression and settlement have a significant impact on the language.

So why did such changes occur? One of the leading theory is that “words may have passed by words”. As with Anglo Saxon, North People are also a German-based ethnic group, and originally shall have a roots around Nordic and Germany. Therefore, even if it says that it was divided, the old words have been common, and in fact, Anglo Saxon and Christians used Rune characters. While “Old English” and “old soldians” come in contact with each other, it is considered to be aware of using simple and simplified ones.

And it is the stat shape of “Svo” that is said to be the influence of the viking. According to Mr. Takaichi Horita, the English history research, the text to replace the word order of “subject” “verb” and “object” as seen in German was not a problem in the old English age. How to write an eutrophone is the remnant. It does not discriminate the subject and objective by the disappearance of the gender and the character change of the noun. To that end, it is a habit of confirming in the word order of “SVO”.

Not only borrowing of vocabulary but also to grammar itself, it would be a visiting that had influential the power of the Viking. Of course, it is also possible to have a Dawn’s residence “Dane Row” by “Wedmoore’s Japanese” connected between Alfred and King Daune Glanm (you can experience it with Discovery Tour), England in the 11th Century King There is also a conquest, and the image may be close, rather than saying that English has absorbed nordic.

Alfred The Great has been committed to improving literacy rates, and promoted records by characters such as “Anglo Saxon age.” He contributed to the development of the text in English, and as well as Shakespeare he also left an important footprint in English history.

To know if there was an Northern European influence on Buriten Island at that time, it is good to see the name of the place still remaining in the case of Bratamori. This is a map of Dane Row in Discovery Tour. In the place where Dane was lived, the name of the nordic origin, the name of the landlord, “-By (village)” “-THORPE (farm)” is left. Then, please see page 12 of this paper. The place where the northern European origin name remains is shown in dots, but it is almost overlapped with the close area compared to the above map. It indicates that many Nordo-Europeans were set to Buriten Island.

Some people continue to loot after settlement, and some people have converted and had an exchange with Anglo Saxon. Under the matching of different cultures, English has changed to languages ​​that are relatively small and easy to learn. If you know that the viking aggression has influenced the current English, you may see the adventure of Ebor.

# Practice question: raise a borrowing word from old nordic.

Like Japanese katakana, words that came from another language and established words are called “borrower”. English is a very large amount of borrowing words due to ethnic intrusion, and in Norman Conquest of 1066 enters a large amount of French.


It is timely alle, but this article should note that there is no meaning of the result of the history event.

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