Dragon Age 4 goes halfway through its development

Beyond rumors and possible leaks, a very good time has already passed since BioWare has officially spoken about Dragon Age 4. Fortunately that changed today, since a new publication by From its developers has revealed additional details about this anticipated title.

Through the official blog of BioWare , the company revealed relevant information that helps us understand a little better the state in which it is Dragon Age 4 currently. According to its authors, the game goes halfway through its production, but ensure that the team has a clear vision about what they are doing and understand the concept of the title.

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BioWare also mentions that they have been making a few changes as to team staff, and they promise to have us more news about what it goes from this type of publications on their official blog, as well as in their social networks.

Editor’s note: I’m glad that BioWare is taking the time they need with Dragon Age 4. This franchise is one of the most beloved in the middle, and I could not imagine if things could not leave as well as the We expect it. Luckily, everything points out that at the end Dragon Age 4 he will fulfill.

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