Total calculation of 23 billion won, Conjin source contents recruitment

The Ministry of Culture Athletics (the following style) and Korea Content Promotion Agency (Conden) (Conden), aged 23 billion won (Conden), announced a total of 23 billion won of content,

Business (W4.1bn), realistic content project-based creators (W3.5bn), artificial intelligence linkage creator (W3.5bn), Artificial Intelligence Connected Content Creator ), OTT content characterization graduate support business (1 billion won) (1 billion won), recruiting a total of 51 institutions to operate each training.

In 2022, in response to the change in new technology, we expand the project-based education field that reflects the field demand, such as metabus, OTT, and strengthen subsequent support for the window of the window of the window of the window.

Convinced Content Content Conditions, the Calligraphy Business of Content Changes, ‘the Content Creative’ is a professional creator and mentoring in conjunction with the matching between the content field and the spare creator. This year, it is aiming to cultivate 420 talented people that can be put directly to the field.

This recruitment selects an internal contents genre, a field by one, and assigns a subsidiary of 540 million won for each organization. In particular, we will contribute to local troops through local agency allocations, especially by local institutions. After the selection, the mentee is selected and operates education, and supports creative grants to strengthen the creative index of mentors.

In addition, four platform agencies for the support for excellent projects created by the Congressional Company, the Content window, are selected separately. With continuing creator support, we will strengthen the field expertise of mentors and increase the performance of the business.

Then, the ONE CAMPUS deployment operations work, cooperate with the management of the mountain, annual, annual, and tube, cooperation with the management of the troops in the contents of the financial composite window. This year, we have focused on improving the performance of the fusion contents and production capabilities, such as advanced technology-based content, humanities, engineering, art, and design, and implement the educational program.

In this recruitment, the university (won) is selected as the University of Region (Wide area), corporate and research institutes, and supports up to W200 million for each consortium, Identify abnormality. In addition, we have recently selected an excellent project among 3 years (2019 to 2021) and participate in domestic and overseas content exhibitions.

Realistic Content Creator Positive Projects and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Connected Content Creator Positive Businesses, centering on project-based education, cultural contents and fabrication talent that combine with cultural contents field. Functional contents and artificial intelligence linkage Content Project based education is supported by corporation and consortium in the consortium. The selected total of 14 Polatform agencies and creators build technical-based content projects aimed at market commercialization and build work capabilities.

Also, we have been established in the field of “meta bus × artificial intelligence” to respond to market demand, and we intend to focus on field-working human resources through facial expert support.

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Meanwhile, Condensing will pursue the “OTT Content Characterization Graduate School Support Project” aimed at training the OTT content experts in the Internet and technology-based New Media. Targeted two grades of the characterization of their own OTT characterization curriculum and faculty, support a total of 2 graduate schools, and by July 2023, we support up to 480 million won per graduate by July 2023. It is also planning to support up to three years through evaluation every year.

“The content industry is a core industry factor,” The content industry is a key industry factor, and its industry growth is achieved with excellent window and production talent, and the performance of the industry. “In the future, I will actively support creative talent to be able to train. “

For more information, see the official website of the Condenian home and the published announcement on the help. If you want to apply for a business, you can accept e-country assistance until a reception deadline that is involved in participation and application documents.

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