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The world of Wardenia is waiting for you. Goldknights developers have published a new developer journal speaking of their next RPG action game, The Last Oricru. The five-minute video deals with the cooperative features of the game and explains to the players what they can expect from a cooperative experience.

The Last Oricru is a RPG game that focuses on how the character plays. The story of the game is branched and depends on the choice of the player. Everything comes from the player. So, what faction you choose, who betray you, who help you, and more, all this will affect your story. In addition, as the development newspaper explains, players have the choice to tackle the game in solo mode or cooperative mode. In each, the choices of the main player always count and you will not miss anything simply for choosing to play one way or another.

The game offers both Drop In / Drop Out online cooperation and a cooperation on shared screen sofa. Players who join the adventure of another will automatically be defined on the level of the player they join. This means that players do not have to worry about playing alone when a friend can not.

The Last Oricru - Dev Diary #2 CO-OP

_ “One of the first things was to find the pillars and unique sales arguments of our new brand. We quickly realized that cooperation is one of these features._ Said Vladimir Gersl, executive producer at Goldknights, in the newspaper of developers.

The Last Oricru should go out in 2022. As soon as it exit, the game will be available on new generation consoles and PCs. So, how are you braving The Last Oricru? Alone or with a friend?

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