[Review] Quick input is based on the default MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard

MSI is famous for a computer hardware company. As a main board, graphics card, laptop, and monitor production, its size is a company that is recognized for IT fans, as well as the cost of IT, recently, as well as finished PCs, such as all-in-one PC, but also new products in the field of coolers and accessories. Hardware Consumer Market is widely available on the area of ​​the area.

It will be about 2018 that MSI announces the “Kamahe”, the keyboard mouse headset to the gaming gear to promote earnest. At that time, companies that have been reputed in the hardware market have launched their own gaming brands by one of them, and they were ruined or extinguishing the keynote of existing brands, such as a rugged cost strategy. As mentioned earlier, MSI also jumped on the gaming gear wire, but it did not establish the own gaming brand, but the fact that most products belong to the low cost, the impact fell slightly compared to other companies.

But recently, I started to bet the product that conforms to the premium lineup, MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard . The Sonic Switch Cost of Sonic Switch, which is a self-developed switch, has become a main switch. Personally, the sense of division is that he likes the ridiculous dagger of the tall. The key pressure is 35g and it is possible to be an immediate input with a small pressure, so it is a product that matches the gaming. From now on, let’s look at MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard.

  • MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard (Rules)

  • Switch Type: MSI Sonic Switch (Rules)

  • Key Array / Key Cap: 104 Key Array / Pudding Key Cap

  • Keypress: 35g

  • Polling: 1000 (Hz)

  • Wireless Type and Cable Length: Wired / 1.8m

  • Weight and Size: 442/138 / 41mm (w x d x h) / 854g

  • Features: Metal frame, smart dual touch function, MSI MI stick light, wrist stand, MSI center support

  • Price: 123,000 won (Based on Internet lowest price)

VIGOR GK71 SONIC - Light Touch, Instant Kill! | Gaming Gear | MSI

MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard When looking at the appearance or specification, I can express the way to keep the road. It is not too splashing, just an indicator to indicate that it is a gaming keyboard, a frame of RGB LEDs, a frame of metal material, and a 35G tract switch. I asked him to ask the reporter of the back of the keyboard sitting behind.

In addition, the sense of added sense was stained. Tunnels for clean cables are applied, and the LEDs are maximized as a semi-transparent keycap. In this product, we are referred to as a crystal keycap, but we are more familiar with the pudding keycap. However, the enclosed wrist rest is slightly sad. There were 8 copies for the rest of the pedestal to fix the pedestal, but there was no ring if it was a keyboard body and a fixed magnet, and it was disengaged if the force is unconsciously when the game enters the game.

■ User

▲ MSI GK71 Sonic Gaming Keyboard (Ritual) Tag Test
The recording device is a Galaxy S20 model. I hope there may be a data loss in recording. Personally, I was attracted to the intestinal trick. The key pressure was capable of inputting a key with a smaller force, which was significantly lowered at 35g, and the operation point was 1.9 mm and the immediate response was confirmed. Also, hybrid 6 + N rollover was applied and advantageous for simultaneous power.

The RGB LED preferences are ring-feeding with irregularity switching, and the Fn key can be combined to change the light emission form or lower the speed. The meeting of Biki style and pudding key caps want to explain the RGB LED expression even more than a product that is as high as a product that is greatly sensitive. Also, let’s set up a key assignment, macros to the user’s taste that download the “MSI Center”, the product software on the MSI official site.

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