Popular Media Mix Transformation Adventure “Hoelle” What kind of game is after all? Girl and Devils Hot Revenge

Baker and our Active Gaming Media Game Publishing Brand PLAYISM launched the “Unrecal Noel” Nintendo Switch version on February 10th. The same work produced by Kana, and it is a free game that has been published in a serialized form in “Game Magazine” since 2016. In the STEAM version released in 2018, it has been well received by 95% of more than 1500 user reviews and won “overwhelming popular”. Media mixes such as manga version and drama CD are also developing, and it will be no exaggeration to say that both the frame and the evaluation are obtained beyond the frame of the free game.

It is such a work, but in September 2002, the final battle version Vol. 1 Season 12 was published in September 2021. Although I have an interest, I think there are many players that have not yet been played in series. In fact, I was also going to play at once until the end after completion, but I was consulted with whether this work was not introduced from the PLAYISM / Automaton editorial department. And since I played the Nintendo Switch version on the release of February 10, we will try again with the attraction of this work.

“The Uneleel” is a veterinate adventure game that the devil who has signed the devil has a compensation for your own desire and purpose. In Laplace City, which is the stage of this work, young mayor Barous had a great deal of support from the citizens. A few years ago, Barows wipe the muffy that the city was hit and re-established the city. However, Barows had another face that I do not know citizens. Contract of the back society’s control, adhesion with police, and the devil using others. Barouz was not to be fooled by his own profit, and there was no one who was discarded and buried in darkness.

The main character Noel-Cell Cetty is one of the people used for Bars. One day, Noel participated in Piano Cocchl of Laplace City. It is natural that it is the first in the piano for Noel, who is a single girl of the piano master. Even though the contouring of the young pianist, I was convinced that I was playing in a memorial ceremony, Noel was convinced her own victory. However, it was the best award for the contest for some reason he was Gilian of his best friend. Noel jumps out the venue from the puzzle of her results and jealousy to Gilian. In addition, I used my emotions to Barou and contract with great devil Carrons. His limbs will be lost in exchange for the killing of people who are neither ed. However, it was the beginning of Noel as a revenge. A girl who lost everything and a strange devil and two long revenge on Bars begins.

Noel and Karon aim to beat Ballows to play revenge. However, Barouz is a 24-hour holiday and contact is difficult. Because the contract itself with the devil is also illegal, it may be arrested by the police if it goes out. There are two people going to a difficult path. Specifically, the box is pushed to move to the roof and moving so that it can not be found because it invades the mayor’s office. Search, puzzles, stealth parts, etc. are expanded according to the story.

Also, when Norel is fighting with someone, the battle will be expressed by the action. Since Karon has a powerful power as a large devil, it will not be a problem if the security guard and the police are partner. However, the devil who tied the devil is another story. The devil has a physical ability, healing ability over a regular person, healing ability, and the ability to acquire by a contract, and it can be comparable to the devil. They take the fight against the Carrons to challenge the fight. Even a powerful devil, it is difficult to deal with the unusual ability from the front, so first avoid attacks out of the enemy. While using attention to not exhaust, attack with a gap of your ability to advance the battle. A concurrent battle is drawn by the devil and devil.

However, the battle and the search part of this work are made with a sense of playability. The search part is displayed in red marks for surveys and conversations, and it is not wonderful if it should be checked. Puzzles that push the box to push the road are also made to be easy to understand, so you should not think about it for a while. In combat, the difficulty level is suppressed, and it is fierce battle, but in this work, a large number of saveable locations are included, including just before the battle. If you bring a lot of recovery that you can enter, anyone will break the obstacle and go ahead of the story. While expressing a story in a battle or search, it can be said that it is easy to concentrate on the story by making it a conscious configuration.

In the important story, the girl and the devil, the devil, the devil and the superhuman and superhuman and superhuman and superhuman and superhuman and superhuman are unfolded. Although it will be an explanation of repetition, the devil in this work refers to those who have a contract with the devil. In other words, the devil has contracted with the devil without exception, and he has something to fulfill it with your soul. Those who inserted their brothers to save his younger brother. Person who is going to stand up for precious friends. At first, I did not know anything, and a new person who has been prepared for revenge later. The contract’s cutches, compensation, and processes are various, but including the protagonist noel, everyone has a wish that can not be paid for the price. In this work, a hot battle will be drawn that the devil who has such a conviction and preparation will hit.

Also, on the story, the circumstances of Carrons, which have revenue with Noel, and the growth of Noel, who were drunk at first, the growth of Noel, and the strange battle in the casino. It will not be exaggeration to say that the heat of the girl and the devil’s revenge on the shaft is characterized by this work.

As mentioned above, original books are free games that have been published in episode format at “Game Magazine”. “Game Magazine” is now published Season 12, which is the first episode of final battle. On the other hand, in the Nintendo Switch version, Season 7, which drew the end of Gilian edition, among all 12 episodes. Since the play time per episode is about 1 hour to 2 hours, the Nintendo Switch version can play in about 14 hours by the seventh episodes where the story is a large delimited.

The story of the large muscle is common in the original and Nintendo Switch version, so you may think that you should play the original with free games. However, in the Nintendo Switch version, a significant remake has been made in transplantation. Specifically, a wide variety of changes have been made, such as adding illustration production, change of UI, rewriting of words, and correction of stories. A character line has been added to the scene just walking, and an increase in immersive. According to Mr. Canao’s comments, with the aim of making it absolutely not bored, there is almost no scene where there is almost no movement.

Also, in the Nintendo Switch version, it became easy to play by reviewing the system. Processing of the action part is comfortably evolved by re-reading. The explicit of the above survey points is also a correction point by remake, and it is more likely to concentrate on the story due to the kind of search.

Another feature of the Nintendo Switch version will also be a fully new Season 3.5. In Season 3.5, the girl and the devil are drawn a week with a slum. A cute Noel’s everyday life, such as a cat cafe, and a junk hood, such as a brutal hood. A character that does not interact with the demon, which has a devil who has a devil in the same Laplace city, and feel the spread of the world. Time series, as well as Season3 and Season4, of course, the main skin does not proceed. However, it is well organized as a short story, and if it is a fan of this work, it may not be lose to play. General Nintendo Switch Version is a work that is more likely to play a hot story than originally the original player, and existing players will be touched with the charm of new stories.

“The Burning Noel” Nintendo Switch version is delivered for 2480 yen including tax. It is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. In addition, the original version can be played by “Game Magazine”. The STEAM version based on the Ojiminal version is also on sale.

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