More sandboxes, Seoul Games Academy and Meta Bus Creator Positive Partnership

The Metabus Gaming Platform ‘The Sandbox’ has signed a partnership with the Seoul Games Academy and the metaverse creator training to core.

With this partnership, both companies have been able to make efforts to make efforts to further accelerate the welfare and large developments of the competition and cultural industries throughout the game industry. To do this, we have decided to take the maximization of public relations effects through various links to mutual support for each business field.

Proceed together with the first step with the tutor program for the metaverse content creator positive. The tutor program is a program that supports a tutor that tells the public to use the free 3D production tool provided by a more sandbox and how to use a “Voxedit) and a game maker ‘. The tutor has an opportunity to work with the offline instructor of the Seoul Games Academy with online lectures, and pays lecture on class difficulty.

The tutor program has now started Season 1, and anyone can apply through the Sandbox Official Naver Cafe.

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The Seoul Games Academy started a business with a game development professional educational institution, based on the learning of the stacked game development for 10 years, based on learning and training know-how, game programming, game planning, game resources, game graphics, iPhone app (APP), and game We are educating all related fields. In addition, we operate the E-sports professional gamer process and focus on the ability of the E-sports industry, including gameplay, club operation, coach fostering, and team management.

Lee Seung-hee, a more Sandbox Korea Business General Lee Seung-hee, said, “It is a good quality lecture to the domestic creatures that are interested in the production of metabus content with the Seoul Games Academy.” I look forward to getting more. “

Meanwhile, the more sandbox also operates a Game Makers Fund, which supports meta bus content such as games such as a Creators Fund (Creators Fund) and game maker, there is.

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