Fallout 76 reveals the Roadmap of 2022

Fallout 76 The developers said not long ago the game soon would have their content roadmap for this year, and this week, the creators fulfilled that promise. A place sheet revealed on Monday planned releases from now until the end of the year with different characteristics and launches planned for each season of the year. Seasons in the game, of course, will take place during these time periods, along with announced and totally new functions.

That roadmap is seen below for those who have been waiting to see what Bethesda has planned. Fallout 76. The first season you will arrive soon will present the players the live release of Invaders from Beyond, the launch with alien theme full of events, new weapons and more. That content has already been proved on the game test servers for some time and will remain playable there until the update is directed to live servers.

As fallout 76 players could have come to wait now that some of the plans for this year will continue to be extracted from some of the most beloved parts of the Fallout Universe. Part of this is shown through the 2022 autumn plans that include a new expedition to “The Pitt”, the dirty industrial region located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Pitt was a complement to fallout 3 and allowed players to visit that place many years ago with unique weapons that are there, as the saw that is shown in the image above.

The year will conclude with «Nuka-World on Tour», an event that seems to relate to a itinerant performance focused on Nuka-Cola and Nuka-World, the gaseous drink always present on the Baldias de Fallout lands. Throughout that season and all the others, you will see new rewards, public events and more live.

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While this content roadmap analyzes the overview of fallout 76 in 2022, there is also a community calendar to pay attention. This calendar shows the different weekend events that give players additional resources and other incentives to play with a new calendar that is revealed every so often as the previous one.

Fallout 76 The Update of Invaders from Beyond will arrive on March 1, so wait familiar with that content and more while waiting for everything else that is shown on the road map arrive later this year.

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