Atus launches a website with countdown related to SOUL HACKERS

Atlus has launched a new website associated with Soul Hackers.

Atlus to Reveal a BRAND NEW Soul Hackers GAME? Devil Summoner Soul Hackers REMAKE or NEW GAME?
At the moment it only shows a countdown that points next Monday, February 21 and a text of presentation that says “Hi Human, we want to pick up your information.”

Soul Hackers is a spin-off of the Saga Devil Summoner (in turn associated with Shin Megami Tensei) originally published in Sega Saturn in 1997, although we could not play it translated until 2013 with its version for Nintendo 3DS.

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As a differentiator feature, Soul Hackers has a cyberpunk setting; Our character is part of a hacker team. In the social networks of Atlus referred to an entity called “Aion”, a name similar to that of the technological company Algon Soft. I had a great prominence in the original title.

At the moment we do not know what the project that references the web is exactly about, but Atlus’s social networks outside of Japan have shared the countdown.

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