Virtual space “Second Life” Music video published in Metaverse-Drummer of the Lock Band “TurnStile” featured

Comprehensive Culture Magazine NME, the US Lock Band “TurnStile” was reported that the music video “UNDERWATER BOI”, which has been manufactured by the full space (Metaverse) “ SECOND LIFE “.

“SECOND LIFE” is an online virtual space drawn by the 3DCG operated by the US Linden Lab from 2003, and any digital content in the metaverse is created by the user, and trading and transferring them to other users You can have free activities.

And the music video published this time, the popular rock band “TurnStile” is the album “Underwater BOI” in the album “Underwater BOI” in the album “Glow ON”, and the band of the same band is the same band drummer, Danuel Fang was produced and edited, and avatars run around the island with a variety of beautiful locations made in “Second Life” in the whole feature.

In recent years, “Metaverse” which is the keyword such as VR, virtual currency, NFT, etc. Which is not an exaggeration to say “SECOND LIFE” not exaggeration?

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