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The Rogue Like Deckbuilding Game IncrypThe was one of the great surprises of last year. The indie title connects two very different genre: horror and deckbuilding. The alone is already unique enough and has more than convinced in our test. But incryption can be far more in addition to its subtle and well-suited horror. The game tells an extremely complex meta history, we now want to break off. At this point a large spoiler warning , you have not played incryply yet, you should not read on this point because you expect massive spoilers.

A game in the game

Incryption has intentionally many of the complexity, it is a game in a game that actually turns around a game. Yes, that sounds admittedly insane confusing, but do not worry, we’ll explain it step by step. The Steam version of IncrypTry is about how we watch a protagonist as he plays the digital version of the game incryp, which he has found due to analog inscrpytion cards. This story unfolds over several story levels , including a meta level.

Table of contents

  1. 1 a game in the game
  2. 2nd only one Simpler Deckbuilder?
  3. 3hr is Luke Carder?

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4. 4hr are the scrybes?
5. 5th is behind inscrustom?
6. 6LUKES tragic fate
7. 7The hidden history
8. 8What is the Old Data?
9. 9The true end?

Really only a Simpler Deckbuilder?

Inscryping starts in a bleak space, the player occurs against a veily figure, a card game on life and death . While the player dies again and again, he learns about the secrets of his opponent and solves puzzles who are hidden in the room. Until at this time, it is only a deck building with horror elements and the game is also marketed on Steam.

However, if the player succeeds to defeat his opponent, he progresses to the next level. After pressing the “New Game” button, he finds himself in a 2D environment, which actually looks like a new game, here is the first time the meta-humor is visible. By progressing through the story, the player always finds video snippets. These show the card game lovers Luke Carder.

Who is Luke Carder?

Luke Carder is a card game vlogger operating the channel “The Lucky Carder”. The video snippets that the player finds show Camcorder recordings from Luke, as he unpacks different booster packs of fictional card games. Below is also a pack of the game InscrypThe , which shows cards from the video game.

One of the packs has engraved coordinates , Carder drives to the coordinates and returns with a disk he begins to play. The disk is a digital version of the game incryption. This means the player, experienced incryp by Carder’s eyes , whatever again is illustrated by comments from him while playing. Suddenly the card game on life and death, a Vlogger, who contracts a show for his fans.

Who are the scrybes?

Quickly becomes clear, the opponents of us or Luke, are aware that they are in a game and they try to actively influence it . They call themselves scrybes (in German: writer) and there are four pieces of them: leshy, the antagonist from the start of the game, Gamora, the writer of death, magnificus, brilliant, but cold-hearted and p03, the magnifier robot, are the Gods of Inscrustom **, focuses on creating perfect decks and cards. Each of them manipulates the game in his own way.

In Act two, Luke gives the strength to control the game, accidentally to another scrybe. The insane robot P03 is now receiving control, while Luke goes against its virtual opponents in a card game, P03 tries to make hatches to get the control over his computer . P03’s goal is to upload the game to the Internet so that it can distribute more and more computers like a virus.

In the end, however, Luke succeeds together with the other SCRBES P03. For that you have to quasi Self out , while that happens, Luke pushes on something else on the disk called “ the Old Data “. Although we do not know what it is, but we can hear Luke scream when he understands it.

Who is behind inscrustom?

Of course, Luke remains not hidden that something is just strange here. Already before the acquisition of his PC, he begins to contact the company behind the game, GameFuna .

These are becoming unfriendly and threatened with legal steps, he should not return the game. After that, a woman dives several times in front of his house, who asks him after the game, he lies natural, but she does not believe him. When Luke gets deeper into the topic even deeper, he contacts the seller, from which he acquired the analog inscryping cards . This tells him that her daughter Kaycee has worked at Gamefuna and came to life with a supposed fire.

Kaycees name can be found several times on the cards. It is a “death ticket” that you can get in the first act, and it is also mentioned later. While Luke has just turned to a representative of the press, it knocks on his door, he opens and a woman shoots him commentlessly. The game ends here and the credits start.

Luke tragic fate

As some have already thought, the secret of the game is in the “Old Data”. Kaycee has discovered something in the data, which she should not have seen and for some reason she has hidden the data deep in the game . This Old Data is also referred to as Karnoffel Code and feared by the scrybes.

The code should bring death and spoil to the one who has him. That’s why the SCRBES wanted to delete the game, especially Gamora. Even if it is not clarified exactly, the Karnaten Code / The Old Date is the reason for Luke’s murder and Kaycees strange death. But what exactly is behind it?

The hidden story

The next section contains information collected by a Discord server to Inscrpytion, especially the User Dabigkahuna. The document describes how the community has succeeded in decrypting Old Data and how the game has hidden various cipher, both inside and outside of inscrustom.

For decrypting fans had to put together a wide variety of puzzle pieces and even coordinates in the real world pursue to disconnect a floppy disk. This raises the game again on a narrative level , which is worth its own article again. We merely focus on what the results have led the deciphering. So what the Old Date is where does she come from and what does she do so dangerous?

What is the Old Data?

The community found various diary entries before creating inscrustom. They describe a types called Barry Wilkinson, a spy from the era of the Cold War. Barry has seen and found out in the Soviet Union that the Soviets are in possession of the Karnoffel Codes , a seemingly infinitely powerful information. This hangs directly with Adolf Hitler, this should have owned a deck of the card game Karnoffel as the Soviets found his body. It sounds like writing a destructive code that is a combination of Nazi occultism and Soviet technology from the Cold War.

Wilkinson managed to steal the data and bring them to the USA. On which way, the disk with the data to the company GameFuna has passed, which should have been experts for computer espionage in the Cold War. Here is now room for interpretation: what malicious code the Soviets have always created, he has accidentally contributed to the development of inscryption and is also a reason why the figures, especially P03, are “evil” and possess a consciousness.

During the development of the game, Kaycee has discovered this Old Data and reveals his secrets . Then she hid the disc from a unknown reason in the forest and leave the coordinates on an analog pack in their house. But before she could reveal someone where the game is located, she was killed. So it can be concluded that Kaycee and Luke were both killed by their knowledge of the Karnaten Code. Here are the information is not completely complete and there are different theories, including one, the Kaycee as a murderer with Luke Carder considered.

The true end?

The final reference of the decrypted cipher leads to a YouTube video that reveals a cruel reality.

“Transcendence” is the goal of P03 in the third act of the game, which is why he uploads a millions of the net and want to take control. Of course, that would spread the malicious code. The video shows how P03 succeeds in putting his plans into action. He manages to upload the inscrustomity and sets up a shop page . Maybe some have seen such a side. Maybe on a platform named Steam.

This in turn means that P03S had plans success. Luke’s assassination because he knew too much or to hide the Old Data, it seems to have been senseless . The code is published. The question for the next game of the developer of “Steam-Incrpytion” Daniel Mullins will be: what the code can do if it is freely available. To home page

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