Trainer criticizes Valieva: “Why did you stop fighting?”

The Russian European Champion Valieva had become its positive doping sample fourth in the women’s singles at the Beijing Olympics in Beijing after the daytime. After the short program Valieva had still led, but after a few pats had fallen from the medal ranks on Thursday.

KAMILA VALIEVA’s coach ETERI criticized her after FALLING at the Olympics | KAMILA VALIEVA FALLS
On the TV broadcasts can be heard how Tutberidze says to Valieva immediately after the missed framework: “Why did you get everything out of your hands? Why did you stop fighting? Explain that! After the Axel you have it from the Hands given. “

Valieva fought after her bumped appearance on the Olympic ice against tears. From her, there was no reaction at first. Gold went to the Russian world champion Anna Shcherbakova in front of teammate Alexandra Trusova. Bronze brought Kaori Sakamoto from Japan.

Medal mirror

The result at a glance

“Shcherbakova is the best, Trusova a genius and Valieva a heroine,” wrote the Russian newspaper “Sport Express”. Valieva have “given her best, and she can already be described as heroine that she has entered the ice. But the circumstances that she was confronted had to affect her performance. (…) Unfortunately, the dream is the dream from millions did not come true. “

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