SOS Sosowski announces McPixel 3, the sequel to his cult classic

Return digital and SOS Sosowski have announced McPixel 3 , the sequel to the memorable comic game 2012. Up here you can see the trailer of presentation.

Like the original, McPixel 3 is a collection of unbalanced levels-situation in which the hero heads faces all kinds of adversities, which must overcome “using unconventional, but always funny methods,” be read on the press release, “How to invoke a multi-million dollar spider, make a barbecue in their pants, hitting a t-rex towards outer space, urinating in sports cars and kicking fork parker (the fictitious CFO to return, NDR) in the balls».

A few figures are also given in the press release: 100 levels, 900 gags, 1,500 interactive objects, 20 minigames “of all imaginable genres” and no less than 258,924,600 pixels, an enviable amount at the time they run. It also includes, they say, “an aquatic level”.

It looks like another feast of absurd mood, of matches at an almost exhausting rhythm and a kind of drawing that manages to get laughter until the last pixel, so it will be welcome. At the moment it has no exact date, but there is talk of 2022 for PC «and other platforms».

McPixel | Episode 3 | I'm back YO!

The first (in case you ask you: no, there is no mcpixel 2) was greeted with joy and bewildered by the video game hosts of that 2012 by Far Cry 3 or Borderlands 2 but also of Journey; a crucial moment but that the always accurate Sosowski (an eccentric developer and who has signed from Masocore experiments as Super Pig X, as a result of which we interviewed him, until great crothes to the instability of the markets) I knew how to see the hole and cast a small Basic game classic comedy. On the day of him we wrote about him:

We are talking about a game that laughs at everything. He laughs at the characters that he includes in his demented vignettes, laughs at the design of video games, laughs at the players. It is important to participate in the great joke to enjoy it: If you enter this centrifuge of the absurdity you have a good time, of course, but maybe it is not a mood for all. The chicken and the pulley hyperbolized and in a pastillite: that is Mcpixel.

You can read the complete analysis here.

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