Nintendo Switch: The notorious Zelda will soon return

No other The Legend of Zelda has put the players under pressure as Majora’s Mask. After the remake for the 3DS, now follows the debut on the Nintendo Switch, but the thing has a hook.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Part 1 - Wake Up, Link! (Nintendo Switch Gameplay)

The return of a real legend

From the 25. February 2022 Zelda fans can go back to Termina to save the world in the race over time before the eerie moon. Because then Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Digital for the Switch. However, there is a hook – and that may seem infamous Zelda only as part of the “Nintendo Switch Online” expansion package .

On the other hand, a retail version is not planned. Anyone who wants to put the N64 classic in a polished variant in the shelf, which can still be used on the remake for the Nintendo 3DS . That’s still in the trade or in the usual internet dealers. However, you also pay a proud price for the legendary game seven years after the official release.

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What makes Majora’s Mask so special?

Time pressure is one of the worst video game mechanics for many players at all and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the epitome of time pressure . So you only have three days time to save the world from the impact with the fies-looking moon. These three days correspond to about 72 minutes in our world and thus time pressure is a constant companion of the player.

Fortunately, Hero’s link learns a spell in the course of the game to manipulate the time. Nevertheless, this circumstance caused Majora’s Mask to be stressful many Zelda fans. However, this did not take the success and then the international trade press in section Saying 95 percent (see metacritic) for the direct successor of Ocarina of Time.

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