A surprising method across water with “Pokemon Legends Alceus” discovers! Atsui who can rely on is a big success in the jade region

Pokemon Series Software for the latest production of Nintendose switches “Pokemon Legends Alceus”. While many trainers run around the field, the surprising search method using the “Bidar” is a topic.

In this work that has become an action RRG, “Pokemon Ride” that moves on various Pokemon is implemented. Although the game early can not move on the land, so that Pokemon Lide to “Iditew” is opened after the middleway, so that it can move freely.

But Twitter user Eclipse (@ 3 clipse_tt) has noticed that it could move water in a way. It first prepares more than the “beadal” of the party to the party. And let’s emit a beadal on water and walk the back while arranging without gaps.

In the first “Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl”, a so-called “secret personnel” and a so-called “secret personnel”. Its remake work “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl” also supported the adventure of the main character.

Such Bidar has no secret technique, and long ago, it is used for water transfer even in the Hisis region… Anyway.

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