Change the mission to app Annie, … “The first AI-based integrated data enterprise”

The industry’s most trusted data and analytical platform, app Annie (App Annie) has established a large market opportunity called “AI-based integrated data” and has changed its mission to

The new mission of data and AI’s new mission has been leading comprehensive digital performance through product and partnerships, and as a AI-based integrated data company, it is a willingness to put artificial intelligence for the first time in the industry have.

According to the PWC, 60% of the corporate executives have won digital conversion with the highest growth engine in 2022. However, digital ecosystems are still dispersed, and it is difficult to focus on core business, which is still dispersed and relies on internal IT, data science resources, agency and manual process to identify and respond to this. Integrate scattered data sets and predicts a major indicator that has a large impact on business, such as Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value (LTV), and Return On Investment (ROI), That is the description of’s mission provides an integrated perspective across all channels to solve existing complexity and seek new opportunities through artificial intelligence.

The first step to realize these missions, said it was a SIMILARWEB and reseller agreement that provides integrated data between mobile and web. is expected to provide additional data sets through this partnership, while focusing on enhancing artificial intelligence, which encompasses all digital channels such as web, console, OTT, and streaming services..’s CEO Ted Cranz (Tondore Krantz) said, “So far, our company was the forefront of mobile data, and the forefront that helps the entire mobile market to grow. Furthermore, further combination of more diverse digital data sets and activating artificial intelligence to capture new opportunities to compete at higher levels, “said the first data company that provides these unique data science capabilities I proudly think of the point, “he said.

More details can be found on the Data.AI official website.

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