Xbox Game Pass subscribers have just had one of their worst days until now

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in the history of games. For $ 10 or $ 15 a month, those in Xbox and PC consoles obtain unlimited access to a wide library, mostly populated with quality titles and consequences. If it will remain so cheap, probably not, but at this moment the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass enjoy an excellent dinner with a limited budget and almost always are good news for those subscribed. Today is not one of those days. Today, the subscription lost six games, including some of its best games.

In particular, the contender to the game of the year 2019 Control is, at the time of writing this, is going to go within a few hours. By itself, control would be enough to get one, but it is uniting final fantasy xii: the era of the zodiac, code of the vein, the medium, The falconero and project winter. Six games is a lot to lose in a day, but at least half of these games are quite remarkable outputs, which makes the pill harder to swallow.

Game pass Ultimate subscription WARNING!

However, the bad day does not stop here. Today, Xbox revealed the games that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass in February, and there are not many consequences. In fact, it can be one of the worst months from the beginning of the subscription service. The most remarkable addition is legendary transfer of Mass Effect_, but this collection is already part of the subscription service. This month it simply reaches Cloud.

It is a strange moment for Xbox to stay short with Xbox Game Pass. February is a great month for PlayStation, with both Horizonte forbidden west and sifu launch this month, and one would think that Xbox would want to counteract and deny this with an impressive Xbox Game Pass lineup for the month. This has not only happened, but the subscription service is also bleeding some great games. That said, maybe Xbox still have some surprises and news under the sleeve.

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