The Fortnite update adds new control options

Fortnite The last update was launched this week to provide players “more robust gyroscopic controls” on Nintendo Switch platforms, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Android, Epic Games announced this week. As those who are already a little familiar with the gyroscopic controls will know, they allow players to physically turn their controller or related devices to guide things as the movement of the camera. It is far from being the way everyone chooses to play. _Fortnite, _ But improved options are at least now available for those who want to use them.

In the “Touch and Movement” section of the game options in fortnite, now you will see a couple of more configurations that can be configured. They are separated into the categories “combat” and “construction” and can be found below.

Active mode (combat)


  • Solo range: active Gyro only when weapons are signed with range.
  • Scope or aim: Active Gyro by pointing any weapon.
  • Scope, point, harvest: active Gyro by pointing any weapon or balance your harvest tool.
  • Always: Gyro active whether or not it is pointing to a gun or moving your collection tool.

Active mode (building)

  • None: active gyroscope or when building or editing.
  • Edition: active Gyro when edited but it is not built.
  • Always: active Gyro when building or editing.

The right joystick can also be configured to work together with the gyroscope controls and players can adjust the sensitivity of the gyroscope so that the slightest movement of the controller does not throw the camera too much.

For those most experienced with gyroscopic controls, the new configuration also includes a “Flick Stick” option that makes your right joystick quickly move the camera in different directions. The problem is that the right joystick is no longer used to point and look around at that point, so you will have to be quite skilled with the gyroscope controls to use this function.

“We have added a stick to complement the gyroscope experience!” Epic Games said on the new feature. “It is also found in the ‘Touch and Movement’ tab, activate the slider so that when you point the right control in a certain direction, the camera rotates quickly to look at that direction. Since this means that it can no longer point up or down with the right joystick, this requires that the gyroscope be enabled ».

Fortnite The renewed gyroscope control options are now available to configure on the platforms mentioned above with the launch of the last update.

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