Free Xbox shooter lays colossal fracture landing

With the ego shooter crossfirex, the South Korean developer Smilegate wants to conquer the Xbox this year. F2P system and brand new singleplayer campaign included. Why the start of the game is still a flop, you will learn in this article.

Competition for Halo Infinite?

CROSSFIREX is a console port of Crossfire , a free MMOFPS from 2007. The shooter combines mechanics from Counter-Strike and Call of Duty and is part of the PC segment to the highest-selling games of the world * * (Source: InsiderMonkey). And this success should continue since 10 February 2022 exclusively on the Xbox **.

Even extra a single player campaign was commissioned at developer Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake, Quantum Break). The first part of the campaign, Operation Catalyst, should then be available for all GamePass owners without additional costs . Directly to the release. But that’s exactly what is currently not the case.

At the start of Crossfirex, only the multiplayer part was ready. The campaign was behind a paywall . Especially ironically, GamePass owners are currently even offering a discount on the two campaign parts. The disappointment among the players is correspondingly large and it hailed in the last few days negative user ratings on the product page in the Xbox store.

Crossfirex: Shooter fans are dissatisfied

At the time of this article is not clear if and when the campaign for GamePass owners “free” is unlocked. Although the official Twitter account had evidenced the problem in a timely manner, but since then nothing has happened and the campaign continues to be behind a paywall.

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But apart from the campaign problem, the start of crossfirex is anything but smooth, because the multiplayer part had some difficulties. So there were temporally connection problems , which has led to the fact that many players did not come about. This mistake has been fixed now, but the general dissatisfaction of many players was only intensified.

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