No Mans Sky: Are there a CrossSplay?

NO MAN’S SKY: CrossSplay has been fully possible since mid 2020

Fortunately, CrossSplay is becoming more and more standard. And the more world-famous hits participate, the more pressure lies on upcoming titles to support the feature as well. In this respect, the development of No Man’s Sky is particularly important. The decisive day for the multiplayer aspect of No Man’s Sky was June 11th 2020:

  • This day, CrossSplay was introduced (we reported then).

Multiplayer and Crossplay Explained - No Man's Sky 2021 Beginner Tips
* This affected all platforms, ie PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • The cross-platform game applies to both self-created multiplayer sessions as well as for the game with foreign players, which you encounter in Nexus, for example.
  • You see a symbol if a player is on the same platform as you are on the road or not. If it is a strange platform, but you do not see exactly what it is.

A cross-saving feature does not exist. This is because No Man’s Sky has to be purchased separately for each platform. For most players, the situation is still more than adequate, as important activities such as base construction are possible to platform-independent jointly.

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