Its official! Demon Slayer will have a third season

After several months with Tanjiro and company, the last chapter of the second season of _ Demon Slayer _ was transmitted in Japan. While it did not know for sure what would be the next step for the anime, with the possibility of seeing another movie in the future, a few moments ago it was confirmed that Ufotable is already working on the third season of DEMON SLAYER .

By means of a small teaser, as well as two new posters, it has been revealed that the third season of emon Slayer, which will adapt the arch of the hamlet village , is already in production, and will come in the future. Next to this, it has been confirmed that Haruo Sotosaki, director of this adaptation, Akira Matsushima, the designer of characters and chief animation, as well as a large part of the animation team, will be back.

The arch of the hamlet village is focused on Tanjiro, Mitsuri Kanroji, the pillar of love, and Muichiro Tokito, the pillar of haze, as they defend a hamlet village of the attacks of two superior moons. Although at the moment there is no additional information, It is likely that the third season also covers the arc of training prior to the final confrontation.

Although there is still something confirmed, there is a possibility that we see the third season of Demon Slayer until 2023 , or at the end of this year if we are lucky. On related topics, the second season of jujutsu kaisen is also on the way.

Editor’s note:

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These are great news. Ufotable managed to raise his own animation bar with the second season of Demon Slayer, and knowing the facts that will happen in the third season, I can not wait to see what the study has prepared for us.

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