“Cyberpunk 2077” MOD that allows weapons to be used during vehicle operation appeared! Change the police system

In “ Cyberpunk 2077 “, MOD has appeared to be able to use weapons while driving the vehicle.

In this MOD, when you are on a car or bike, nearby weapons and remote weapons, and injectors and inhalers will be available. This function is originally a code in the game, and it seems like a function that has been cut in the product version.

In addition, although changes are made to the police system (ordinated arrival), the vanilla version also enjoys the car chase that was only specific events. The main changes are as follows.

  • The enemy in each faction area, such as Northside Mailstrom, Haywood Valento, has new abilities that require support. This is the capability of being “Call Reinforcements”, and there is an animation and a determination. During the support request, the bar is displayed on the head like a quick hack or upload, and the time and the user can confirm the time until the end. Sonic shock, EMP, memory erase, fall, etc. can be interrupted.

Modders are SAVING Cyberpunk 2077 - Cut Content Restored, Massive Overhaul, Police Revamped

  • When the enemy completes the support request, a star is added to the appointment, and the enemy reinforcement comes (the faction of the area). As the number of stars increases, the number of enemies is also increased.

  • The reinforcing ceremony will be on the vehicle and chasing the player.

  • If you attack police officers or killing the general public, you haven’t made a straight star. However, the police officer can request cheering for the district where there are many policemen, such as downtown and North Oak.

  • Max tack appears instead of each area faction when the stars become four (Mirites for Badlands). In addition, security turret is valid. Max Tack also kills people as well as players.

  • Max Tack has been significantly improved, and it was one type in the base game, but five types of Mantis, Sniper, Shot Gunner, Heavy and Neterner are added in this MOD. Furthermore, the status is strengthened and has special abilities that restores the health rapidly.

  • Other, spawn, AI, tracking mechanics, reinforcements and more have been made.

Please check with Nexusmods for downloading and implementation methods, known issues, and more details. In addition, please be in charge of introduction.

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