Wow treasure: the harvest and the crop

In every game, it happens that the heroes out of an acute boredom battle out their success collection book and superior to which of the heroics could still do them. As soon as there is a triumph or success system in a Game, and a thirst for thirst for a thirst for contents strains the nerves between content extensions, you can take poison on it to take off the heroes to deal with their collection album. Mostly it’s about collecting appreciation. Such, as well as in Wow. And while we wait for Wow Patch 9.2 or the announcement of a new extension, we can put our valuable heroic time in collecting successes and items.

should you belong to those who stumbled in the region Revendreth in WoW (Buy Now) about the harvest Sin D – a coffin in the vault of a warehouse near Nathria Castle And now looking for a harvest key, then attend a look in our subsequent short guidance to harvest in WoW.

WOW: The harvest and crops

The harvest is a coffin in one of the western warehouses of abandoned outskirts in the Shadowlands Zone Revendreth, for example at the coordinates 39/40. Rides over the place where all sorts of royal socks are spent. The right hand see your Nathria. Straight out in turn leads up a staircase and next to it you see a small archway. In the vault behind it will find the coffin. However, for you, the entrance through the gate, because Motz has hung a note on itself so that he never forgets, where he has dropped the crop.

The clou now: The position of the crop is changing every day. You need the key to open the harvest. Motz’s Texts So give you an indication day after day, where you can find a crop. Now you can exercise your brain lock.

Or you are going to harvest in WOW in the spoiler part of this short guides, because we tell you the coordinates for the crops. Of course, you do not have to kill any place to find a key. Just check Motz’s note for the day and pay attention to the middle or lower lines!

Harvest key 1

Text: “Nobody determines all these supplies, so no one except the old Motz. So you just hide the key in one of the other warehouses.”
Coordinates: 38/44 – in the warehouse on the other side in a box on the right side of the room

Harvest key 2

Text: “I hid the key under one of the big lamps. Not among the little ones, there are too many, would you never find again.”
Coordinates: 44/42 – Run up the stairs in the east and circle the statue in the middle of the square. The key is on the right of the statue under a lamp.

Crop # 3

Text: “The Venthyr fill her small stone huts with all possible scrap, oh yes. In addition to all this stuff, which sinks in the dust, nobody would ever find a key.”
Coordinates: 44/38 – Run the staircase on the left in the east to the courtyard of the harvester and keep from the square from the left. Follow the road, then the steps on the right and you will find the key to the right of the path in a stone pavilion.

Harvest key # 4

Text: “Today I had a great idea for the key, oh yes. I asked myself when everyone just fly around, who will be looking down, right now, no one! Besides, do not want to get wet, With all your pretty clothes. ”
Coordinates: 41/39 – again it goes up in the yard of the reaper, so the stairs in the east high. Keep left, because there you see a pond. The key is under the second bridge, which is a little further behind.

The Harvest WoW Treasure (The Harvest Key Location)

Caution: The key with the note to the candles that never go out can have two positions!

Harvest key # 5.1

Text: “The key I packed next to a few of these candles that never go out.”
Coordinates: 43/45 – Road the eastern staircase towards the yard of the harvester and in the direction of the RAID input of Nathria Castle. In the yard of the reaper you think you in the quasi roundabout right. Follow the path and rides on the left the stairs towards Nathria. The crop is left of the way directly after the staircase at the shrine and between the candles.

Harvest key # 5.2

Text: “The key I packed next to a few of these candles that never go out.”
Coordinates: 45/39 – The stairs are back to the yard of the harvester. Close to Nathria Castle. Shortly before the stairs to the castle you see on the left a staircase that leads high into another area. There you have to turn up and then keep right on the big tree. Below you will find the crop between the candles.

Harvest key # 6

Text: “I hidden here at the big man. Of course, it should not be disrespectful.” Coordinates: 44/44 – Again, the stairs go to the yard of the harvester. If you have to access the entrance of Nathria, a staircase leads to a statue of Denathrius and on his right foot you will find the key.

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