Olympics was also opened as OTT

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, ahead of the opening of the 4th day, attracted the attention of the Live, including OTT services, including OTT services, such as portals.

The Olympic Games, a traditional sports contents, are expected to be a full-fledged era that is delivered to a new media-centered center such as OTT.

2022 Winter Olympics: Opening ceremony kicks off Olympics in Beijing
According to the industry, Wave, Naver Sports page, LG U + Mobile TV and African TV, etc.

Wave introduces three days a day, three days a day, a day of terrestrial broadcasting and the opening of the Olympic Games. We have collected sports platoon video content with live broadcasting.

It is a strategy that allows you to view broadcast programs and sports material movies that provide the main game, the main game, the main game, and the highlights of the main game,

Naver, which has been a special feature page for each major sports event, provides a major game and an entity issue in addition to the residence of the game.

In addition, we have also provided live toll service that can make real-time cheering in live broadcasting.

Especially, we have a space that introduces the national team player power and attracts attention from the opening of the Olympics.

Africa TV is noticeable with the grounding of BJ with terrestrial live broadcasting simultaneously. We are enhancing the communication function of viewers while enriching the media characteristics of one person.

In addition, LG U Plus offers terrestrial live broadcasting through U + mobile TV. The main game is also supported.

The Olympics belongs to a short period of sports event, and the relay rights are also expensive. Nevertheless, it is considered a chance that the competitiveness of Socials and the competitiveness of the national team is not a rarry force that can not be missed in the New Media area.

OTT industry official said, “In addition to the major original investment content series, it is difficult to miss the Olympic special because the new OTT user inflow rate due to sports contents is close to 1/3.”

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