Nezzi Thirts Third, NFT games include 8 new work this year

Nezza Thirts (4:33) (4:33) released eight games including two NFT games to launch in the global market and 6 kinds of new Mobile, PC games.

Nezza Thirts Three-sided Prosecutors’ Ing Project (Tentation), a block chain, is a block chain based on a block chain, a role that implements the economic system, equipment items and resources in the game, It is scheduled to be developed as a performance game. In particular, the directionality of the core content of the game is updated through the opinions and voting of the community user, and is scheduled to participate directly, and it is scheduled to be constantly evolved.

‘Project N’ (tentation) is a block chain based sports NFT game. It is developed as a comprehensive sports game that enjoys competition between the various sports games such as land and coordination, attracting and fostering attractive sports players.

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The “Rumble Racing Star” which is aiming for launching mobile platforms in the second quarter, is a real-time casual racing game that uses a Lawnmower Racing concept in the United States, Australia and England, and a real-time casual racing game that is a real-time casual racing game. You can enjoy exciting racing using various track items and driving skills, and 30-piece driver characters, carts, and individual decorating items are available.

Boxing Star: Match 3 (Boxing Star: Match 3) is a real-time PVP puzzle game that is designed using Nesgamu Three ‘Boxing Star’ IP. The fun of the detection of the boxing star and the real time user (PVP) puzzle matching (PVP) puzzle matching can also be experienced. Game mode, which adds a variety of fun, a large-scale tournament, which is in real time, is characterized by.

The adventure story that leaves the train ‘Erocia’ (Erocia) is also aiming for the development of the end of the global launch of the first half. ‘Eriika’ is developing in the famous pocket studio with Epic Hatsu, and it is the main character of the fantasy world, which is the main character of the fantasy world of Human and Dragon’s Human Dandran. We provide adventure content to solve puzzles through a combination of about 30 kinds of heroes and various behavior patterns, and Japan’s famous illustrator rack (Lack), which is known as paint grandiston, is participated as a main artist.

Royal Crow is also taking advantage of the recruitment of the recent global beta test participants and spurring the Launch of the PC FPS game ‘Crows’. ‘Crowz’ is a PC open-world shooting game prepared by Baek Seung-hoon, who developed the rapidness, with the newly discovered resource material ‘Q-ON’ and the forces to contagitate It is a mission performance game.

In addition, the Mobile Games ‘Decceler M’ of the subsidiary Sum Age Last April, which was released last April, is also preparing for global launches.

In Latarasuui, the PC FPS new Skyscarker is aiming for launching a new Skyscan. Skyscarmers’ is a PC platform-based shooting game that made North American famous city motifs. A strategic game that maximizes a wide building, which means a high building that does not seem to stab a high building, a pacer system that maximizes the movement of a wing suite and a variety of special equipment and a variety of special equipment and a variety of special equipment, Play is characterized by play.

4:33 Han Sung-jin, “I will continue to expand the P2E game that introduces a variety of genres, including authentic NFT games and casual and RPG games that apply this year-centralized method.” The platform, such as the console, will be achieved as a significant game chain in the global market, “he said.

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