Black desert, Koreas top to the top of the Korean game

Pulse (CEO) announced on the 28th that the “Black Desert” is a Korean game (K-GAME) in the Korean Game User Survey of the Korean Game User Survey in Korea Content Promotion Agency.

Korea Content Promotion Agency divided 15 countries such as the US, China, Japan, Britain, and Brazil, such as the United States, China, UK, and Brazil ▲ Game time ▲ Korean game is a Korean game..

Top Mobile Game Korea Region Sep 20th

In the “Preferred Korean Game” survey, black deserts were ranked first in Japan, first in the first place in Germany, 2nd in the UK, 2nd place in British, 2nd place in Spain, 2nd place in Italy, 2nd place in Canada, 2nd in Canada,.

In addition, ‘Weekly Korea (PC / Online) game’ item is ranked first in Japan, first in Germany, 2nd in the UK, 2nd place in the United Kingdom, 2nd place in France, 2nd in the United States, 2nd in Canada, 2nd place in Brazil.

The black desert is a MMORPG (multi-level role play game) for more than 40 million languages ​​that are served in 12 languages ​​around the world. At the Taipei Game Show Official Awards on January 22, the Black Desert was selected for the ‘Games Star’, and the Global Game Platform ‘Steam’ was selected for the ‘2021’ Made in ‘2021. ‘’ gamers were picked up with the “the most enhanced game. The black desert ▲ Continuous update ▲ Add a variety of classes ▲ New area and class reboot updates, etc.

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